Booming Tourism of Japan Leads to Scarcity in Accommodations? (Part 1)

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Every year between January and September (peak season), visitors from all over the world come to Japan for some sight-seeing and food trip. According to Japan National Tourist Organization, the country is about to reach the 10 million mark soon. With such a huge success, the country’s goal of increasing the number of tourists is definitely considered a very successful drive. With some changes in the visa policies as well as decrease in flight costs, many people are able to afford a good stay in Japan.

In the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the more tourists are expected to visit Japan. Mainly, athletes will be coming from all over the world and we are talking about thousands of them. In addition, their family members, friends and supporters must also be included in the figures.

In the “Abenomics” strategy, the plan to increase visitors is part of the whole strategy. With all the efforts and action plans put in place, it is obviously working well. The government also continuously improves and makes the country a conducive place for people to enjoy the excellent food, breath taking tourist spots and the most importantly, the Japanese culture.

With all these huge success, can it affect some of the services offered such as accommodations? What can be the possible solutions in case of scarcity? In the next article, we’ll see about that.

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