Enjoy with autumn

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Autumnal tints season has come.
In a word “Autumnal tints”, there are various cases and situations.
Originally autumnal tints has been occurred by temperature and nutrition. In the cold season, tree attempt to hold his/her nutrition and make a separation between stem and leaves. Then, gone the green tints inside of leaves or some nutrition makes that red color. It is said that this changes start from 8 degrees celsius.

Commonly we are able to look this autumnal tints scenery at mountain. It starts from top of the mountain and getting down that yellow & red carpet to the bottom.
Temple or Shrine has different gorgeous scene in this season. Those garden have been designed such as landscape painting with traditional idea.
Also sometimes, it is light it up (such as Kodai-ji in Kyoto) on those places and it makes different image than you look that in the day.

One place where you can find such a scenery close from you is park. Park autumnal tints scenery is not so splendid (of-course depend on the place) but it makes us feel the season.
You can enjoy that heart warm scenery with sitting on the bench and reading the book with some favorite tea.

You can find autumnal tints scenery in miscellaneous places and it is good to enjoy seasonal scenery with your style.

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