Celebrating Christmas in Japan

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While Christmas is such a big event to many countries, it is somewhat a normal day for many Japanese. In a usual Christian setting, family members are gathered at home mainly for the purposes of enjoying a traditionally prepared menu, doing exchange gifts and spending time with each other. Every year, family members who are away from home look forward to spending Christmas with their loved ones.

On the other hand, Japanese have their own way of celebrating. While many gather together with their families, Japanese are commonly spending the day with their partners. Yes, Christmas in Japan is for lovers and usually spent outside the home such as in a nice restaurant or in a famous fast food. It is also important to know that it is celebrated on Dec 24th and the 25th is just like any other regular business day.

Parties are also everywhere! Both children and adults attend parties, where games and dancing are very popular. There is also the “Christmas cake”, which should never be forgotten for it is the symbol of this joyous occasion. Santa-san is also part of the tradition that most children believe. Well, Japanese also love to give presents however, only parents give their children.

While shops, malls, offices and businesses are open on the 25th, this only gives Christians a short time to celebrate. On the contrary, New Year’s Day is a bigger event for Japanese people.

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