What’s Next After Tokyo Olympics?

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At this point, most Japanese are already halfway in preparing for the coming Tokyo Olympics. For some, who wants to take part in this prestigious event, learning and enhancing their English skills is just one of the goals. Moreover, the skills of interpreters and tourist officers will surely be in high demand. As for the government, investments happen here and there. There are infrastructures being built such as stadiums, accommodations, and buildings to house athletes, participants and even spectators. The Olympics committee is also working double time in order to attain all its goals while beating deadlines.

Amidst all these preparations, there is a bigger concern that needs to be addressed. Japan wants to leave a legacy in this Olympics. Yes, it is easy to construct stadiums and ensure that all events are properly executed; however, what participants would remember after is still a question. With the previous host countries, they were able to create something that the world will always remember just like China when it had a “coming-out party” where it showed the country’s power. And now, Japan also wants to leave a legacy that both Japanese and foreigner people will never forget.

Can Japan take care of that? Will it be able to stay in its budget, manage all infrastructure and at the same time create a momentous event for everyone to see? This is the greatest challenge to all the members of the committee as well as the government. This may not be an easy task, but if Japan can nail it, great benefits will come its way. With a boost in tourism, it will surely bring back Japan’s economy in its glory days.

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