What Course to Take When Studying in Japan?

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Being the second top country with the best educational system in the world, this recognition says so much about the quality of education Japan gives to students whether local or foreigner. Being in line with the top countries in terms of education such as South Korea and Singapore, Japan’s technology-based educational structure has proven to be the key in attaining such recognition.

Not all foreign students are given a chance to study in Japan and not all Japanese students are able to continue in the university, but given the chance here are some fields or courses that are highly recommended.

1. Biotechnology – This study refers to the use of systems, biological processes and organisms in order to produce goods that may improve the different aspects of human life. One simple example is an agriculturist or farmer, who continues to improve the species of both animals and plants. In relation to this, biotechnology is believed to have a great future in Japan with the government’s support, one of which is the government-funded research in Okinawa that supports qualified biotechnology companies. At this time, this is considered a good study because people eat to live and this fact will never change. Morever, success in this field can help alleviate or even eliminate the scarcity of food supply not only in Japan but in other countries, too.

2. Nuclear Engineering – For progressive countries like Japan, France, USA, Belgium, Czech Republic and many more, what they have in common is the benefit they get from nuclear energy. With Japan’s reliable and continuous demand in electricity, it makes use of this method to supply the needs of many households. It is estimated that 30% of the country’s demand is being supplied by more than 50 main reactors and this figure is expected to increase in the coming years. Despite the tragedy experienced few years ago, the country still maintains some nuclear power plants because it can satisfy a portion of the energy demand. Moreover, this field of study is very important in order to continuously improve the efficiency of nuclear plants, thus avoiding accidents.

3. IT and Manufacturing – Japan is known to be the top car manufacturer in the world and this is made possible with its evolving technology. As automobiles change models every year, innovation also kicks in as to the processes and technology being applied in order to keep up to the changing needs of the consumers. The country continously strives to be the best in the car manufacturing industry and this has been proven over the years. One of the top car brands was even recognized to have the highest efficiency level in the whole industry worldwide. As the country aims to maintain its good position, it is very essential to have an effective research and development. And because of that, it would be wise for Japanese students to invest their interest and knowledge in this field.

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