Celebrating New Year in a Meaningful Way

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For Japanese families, celebrating New Year is all about togetherness. Like other nations, bringing the family together is the primary goal of this yearly event. It is not an unusual situation for families to be separated by distance especially when a family member works in a different place. Despite this, coming home to celebrate New Year with family is what everyone looks forward to.

There are various ways on how people celebrate New Year but this is not really the big concern. Like any typical family, Japanese or not, they all want to be with their loved ones as another year unfolds. But, how can we celebrate New Year in a meaningful way?

There are times when a family member can’t go home for some reason and this is a sad reality. However, with the latest trends in technology, it is not impossible to be with a loved one who is thousands of miles away. There are several applications and programs that we can use in order to communicate and this can really help ease up the longingness. With the help of a video call, people are given a chance to see and talk to a family member wherever they maybe.

For families who are complete at home, this becomes a perfect chance to make good memories. Take this opportunity to bond with the whole family and make the most out of your time. While waiting for midnight, it is a good idea to play some games or just share nice stories to each other. You may also watch your favorite movie at home while munching a bowl of popcorn.

The food on the table maybe a necessity, but it is not required to prepare more than what you can afford. A simple Osechi meal is good enough and this is a Japanese tradition that families enjoy. In the past, Japanese women used to prepare this meal, but nowadays, they are already sold in stores and comes in special boxes.

New Year is not about having fancy things, eating expensive meals or doing something grand. It is also not dependent on how expensive people celebrate it. This occasion is for everyone, so it can be celebrated in the simplest way possible. At the end of the day, this occasion can only made special with the people we love.

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