Can You Leave Your Day Job to be an Entrepreneur?

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Stable income. Normal working hours. Attractive benefits. These are already yours and yet, there’s a voice inside you telling you to do something else. One thing that you’ve been wanting to do, but afraid and hesitant to do so. In spite a successful career or a prestigious job, you still prefer to take a different path that can give you a different kind of happiness. So, why can’t you do it?

1. Financial stability – First thing is salary. When you lose your regular paycheck, you’ll surely miss it. If you are paying for a house mortgage, car loan and other monthly bills , you might want to think hard before quitting your job. To add to that, bonuses and other incentives also disappear. This is commonly the first factor that stops an employee in leaving his job.

2. Status – Being jobless is not a good impression to a lot of people. Just the idea of having no job is an embarassing thing and might put you in a limbo. Nobody wants to marry a jobless person, or worst someone who can’t feed himself. It is also a big inconvenience to join job fairs and start a career over again.

3. Peers and workmates – When someone loses his job, some friends drift apart as well. It may be harsh but it’s a truth that others remain only your friends while you’re employed in the same company. Once you’re out, the friendship ends. The idea of losing some friends will definitely make you think twice.

4. Worry – Even before you resign, you may already start thinking of what you should do next. For a short time, it may be fun not to dress up for work, but boredom may strike anytime. The first few months may seem exciting and fun, but once you felt the emptiness, that’s when you start to worry. You may then start to plan ahead and ask youself what to do with your life.

But despite all these obstacles, you may still find yourself planning for your dream business. However, you don’t know where and how to start. Do you need help? Come and let’s talk.

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