How to Pay the Fund of the Company into Bank Accounts

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When investors intend to make a payment of capital funds, bank accounts to be paid into must be Japanese banks where hold a license to run a banking business in Japan.

In the past, even if it is a newly established Japanese company owned by foreign companies, incorporators had to obtain their own Japanese bank accounts under their personal/corporate name and the fund had to be transferred into these accounts in accordance with the Company Act. in Japan.
However, the deregulation measures of Companies Act were recently implemented for foreigners who reside outside Japan.

By this deregulation, even though every investor and executive of incorporate company have not their own address in Japan, the fund can be paid into any other accounts that belong to third parties personal/corporate other than the above-mentioned persons/corporations.
The copy of the bankbook of these accounts can be used as evidence of the payment of the fund.

Incorporating by this method request that “The founder grant paid capital receive authority to third bodies (power of attorney)”. (For details power of attorney, please feel free contact us.)

Accordingly, for example, the fund can temporarily be deposited into a Japanese bank account that is obtained by lawyers in Japan for the purpose of the registration of incorporation.

This big change may greatly help foreigners establish new companies here in Japan.

For details, please also see the link (Japanese)

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