Driverless Vehicle Tested in Aichi

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The roads of Aichi Prefecture, which is the home of the biggest car manufacturing company in Japan, was used during the road test of the recent invention in the industry of car manufacturing. A car without a driver used to be seen only in movies, but today, it is already on its testing phase with a popular car brand.

With the use of a remote control, a mini-van was tested and travelled along the roads of Kota. Amazingly, the vehicle had no driver in it and only technology kept it running for a stretch of 700 meters. With the help of the latest in technology, traffic signs and routes were programmed to the system before the road test.

For complete documentation, radar and cameras were placed in order to monitor the road for pedestrians and vehicles. A member of the testing team operated and controlled the minivan remotely utilizing a video being transmitted by the onboard camera. With that, a brief stop was made possible so that photographers and reporters can take photos before the vehicle continued its route with a speed of under 15kph. Everything was smooth and the steering wheel made perfect turns.

The Aichi Prefectural Government’s aim is to promote this kind of technology and wants to undergo more testing in Nagoya and some other locations. For one said, he is like experiencing a future technology with this.

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