A new style of Office, Z’xent Pro’s Virtual Office Services to minimize Miscellaneous Expenses

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If you are not a local in Japan but ambitious to expand your business to Japan with minimized cost, here is a solution: Z’xent Pro’s Virtual Office Services.


Our Virtual Offices Services can help you reduce overhead costs while keeping professionalism high in 3 dimensions: Space, Communication and Physical. Moreover, as a group company of Judicial and Administrative Attorneys, we can also offer you professional services; i.e., attorney consultations on your business-related matters or company registration, article of incorporation and many more. Keep it in your mind that our services can be as flexible as possible to fit your needs and budgets.

1. Communication
-Remote receptionist
-Virtual assistant
-Phone answering service

2. Space
-Virtual office space

3. Physical
-Professional address
-Mailing address
-Forwarding Mails

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Z’xentpro Virtual Office Overview [pdf]

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