How to Increase Your Business Presence Online (Part 1)

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You just started your own business and still trying to promote it in various ways. In making your business known, you may opt to go for paid marketing or take advantage of the free options for optimum returns.

With the current internet age, advertising becomes so easy and cost efficient. All you need is a good internet connection and a creative mind in order to come up with ways in promoting whatever business you are in. Here are some tips on how to increase your online visibility :

1. Take advantage of free technology – There’s no need to always pay to get a good advertising and marketing plan. With the help of Facebook and other social networking sites, you are able to create your own ad, promote your business and reach out to a wider audience at no cost! Paid marketing may cost a lot, but for those who do not have enough budget, you may take advantage of the various platforms to get a kickstart.

2. Start it with a bang. Create a business page – A FB page or a business website would be your identification. Before even thinking of a grand opening date, make sure to have a page or a website for potential and existing customers to reach you easily. For a relatively new business, people may tend to inquire and ask a lot about you through your page or official website. By the way, a website or business page should always have these details: what you offer, location, prices, photos and everything that you think a customer would love to know.

3. Create enticing offers – Are you new in the industry? If yes, one of the effective ways on how to be popular is by creating creative and interesting offers. Think of how you can make your target customers interested of you and eventually try what you offer. You may already have a lot of competitors in the market, so focus on what you can give them differently. Be creative with your promotions and offers for this may bring in good business. Some customers really get interested through offers and promotions.

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