[Health] Enhance cognition helps handling risks

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According to news in these days, there are so many accidents or troubles that are caused by “Less Cognition” with ages.

For avoiding above risks, it is important to train our cognition daily.
Here are some tips to be awaking your brain nerves and enhancing the cognition.

It is composed 6-step plan that targets the six areas known to help boost brain health and cognitive fitness. You’ll not only find out what to do to improve your “memory muscle,” but also the “why” behind each step, and tips for helping you get started.

Step 1:
Focuses on foods linked to better brainpower — including the specific fruits and veggies most likely to protect against dementia.

Step 2:
Explains the importance of regular exercise and how it may even help clear away plaques that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

Step 3:
Reveals the importance of sleep — and the sleep stage that’s most important for memory.

Step 4:
Helps you manage stress and explains why comfort foods are “comforting”.

Step 5:
Shows you the importance of staying socially active — it may help delay dementia.

Step 6:
Challenges your brain with everything from puzzles and board games to music and travel.

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