[Japan] Government subsidy in Osaka Japan

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In Japan, same as other countries, we have miscellaneous subsidies for assisting the business, and I would like to introduce some of them especially focus on Osaka area.

In Osaka city, they have subsidies programs according to a following purpose;

“To improve business environment for innovation creation, Osaka City Government subsidizes business operators that make investment in facilities and equipment in Osaka City for the promotion of open innovation and support for startup companies.”

and scope of them are “All areas within Osaka City”.

Their target business are,

Innovation Base that operates either of the following business described in (1) or (2).
(1) Open innovation promotion business

The business operator must combine their own technologies, ideas and etc. with those of other companies, venture companies, universities, research organizations etc., and aim for the planning, research and development of new products and services while fulfilling all of the following requirements.

・To establish specialized departments which exclusively promote open innovation and manage the innovation base.
・To interact with various businesses, etc. for the planning/development of new products and services, etc. through open innovation.

(2) Startup-fostering promotion business

The business operator must support, through various means, the business activities and growth expansion of startup companies and etc., and must also fulfill all of the following requirements.

・To provide daily consultation support for startup companies which is necessary for the development and commercialization of business plan.
・To organize the seminars and exchange meetings which support the community building among startup companies and etc.
・To provide the opportunities to generate business projects and make presentation of their business technologies and services through various events.

They cover some percentage of the expense such as (1) Open innovation promotion base and/or (2) Startup-fostering base for enhancing the new business owner or start up in Osaka.

Application period is;

From July 12th, 2017 (Wed.) to March 31st, 2020 (Tues.)
*Please submit application documents to the contact address shown below either by postal mail or by hand carry. For those who wish to bring the documents directly to the contact address, please be sure to pay attention to office hour ( Open from 9 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays, excluding the time between 12:15 pm – 1 pm).

※Depending on the status of the available budgets, Osaka City Government may suspend the application during the application period. If it is the case, the notifications will be disseminated on the relevant website.

If you plan to advance into Japan, especially Osaka city, this sort of subsidies will help your business.

For more details, please refer to Osaka city official investment promotion and support Web

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