Second-hand business license application

Second-hand business license is required when dealing with second-hand goods (used, repaired) and the deals earn certain profits or have a certain continuity as a business.
For example, after you purchase second-hand goods
and sale/repair and sale/break down and turn to products for use and sale/lend them with charge/export to overseas countries and sale them, the license will be necessary.

These indicate deals conducted mainly at shops such as used car dealers, antique shops, second-hand clothing stores and bookstores.

Necessary requirements for permission (checked by the authorities) are as follows;
-The applicant does not have any criminal record
-The applicant resides at a fixed residence
-The applicant has already arranged a business office for continuous use where a full-time manager is positioned

In addition, the following documents are necessary for filing a permit.
-Application form on second-hand goods business permission
-Career history of the applicant
-Applicant’s certificate of residence (If the applicant is a company, all director’s certificates of residence are required)
-Identification issued by municipal government
-Documents related to agreements with an internet provider (In case you sell online)

Necessary documents vary depending on the situation of the applicant and also if the applicant is an individual or an incorporation.
The process takes some time from filing a permit to acquiring a license, so please be advised to start an arrangement process at the earliest time.
Whenever you find collecting necessary documents and filing processes too complicated and would like to avoid such troublesome procedures, please feel free to contact us.

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