Now the immigration restrictions are relaxed!

Now the restrictions of entering have been relaxed and foreign nationals without residence cards can enter Japan unless it is for sightseeing. In other words, those who hope to come and fall under either of (i) or (ii) will be allowed.

(i) Foreign nationals newly entering Japan for a short-term stay (less than three months) with the purpose of business and working.
(ii) Foreign nationals newly entering Japan for a long-term stay with CoEs

To enter Japan, you will need to submit a prior document called “Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS system” when applying for your visa to the Japanese consulate/embassy. You can get the certificate online.
To get this, you need to have a person in charge of the sponsored company. He/she is supposed to apply for it online before you going to the Japanese authority in your country. Administrative lawyers enable to also apply on behalf.
If you need help for this matter, feel free to contact us.

FYI, those who have expired CoEs due to immigration restrictions for COVID-19 will be able to receive Visas at the Japanese embassy or consulate by the explanation letter by their sponsor companies.

Thank you for your kind attention.
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