VISA for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

As for work visas in Japan, there is a visa called “Highly Skilled Professional” that give preferential treatment to highly qualified foreigners.
This visa is intended for anyone who engages in any of the following activities in Japan:
(a) Advanced academic research activities
Activities of engaging in research, research guidance or education
(b) Advanced specialized/ technical activities
Activities of engaging in work requiring specialized knowledge or skills in the field of natural sciences or humanities
(c) Advanced business management activities
Activities of engaging in the operation or management of a organization

However, this visa requires you to earn at least 70 points in addition to the requirements of other work visas.
The criteria for calculating points vary depending on the above categories, but the main criteria are educational background, work history, and annual income.
Please refer to the following site for details.

Obtaining an advanced human resources visa gives you the following benefits:
1) Grant of the “five years” period of stay from the first time
2) Easing of requirements for permanent residence
3) Preferential processing of entry and residence procedures
4)Permission to accompany parents and domestic workers to highly professional positions under certain conditions

In addition, if you have this visa and have been active in Japan for more than 3 years, you will be entitled to apply for a permanent residence visa.
If you are interested in a “Highly Skilled Professional” visa, please feel free to let us know.

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