IoT/ AI technology solves Japan’s problems

The Japanese government believes that the development of IoT technology and artificial intelligence [AI] technology will be important keys to the growth of the Japanese economy and the resolution of issues such as a low birthrate and an Ultra-aging society.

Since January 2016, the authority has defined the future society Japan was aiming for “Society 5.0,” and advocated the realization of an open society through a system that would highly integrate cyberspace and physical space.

Society 5.0 refers a new society following the hunting society [Society 1.0], agricultural society [Society 2.0], industrial society [Society 3.0], and information society [Society 4.0].

IoT is the abbreviation of “Internet of Things”, and technology that connects various “things” such as home appliances, cars, and buildings to the Internet.
Various IoT services that will be deployed in the future will have different requirements and analyses in terms of network, security, and technology for each service.
Therefore, it is expected to effectively utilize big data by establishing a common and safe platform so that people and companies will be able to use it.

With the support of the Japanese government, IT technology-related businesses in Japan will continue to develop in the future.

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