What’s the difference between a Highly Skilled Professional Visa (ii) and Permanent Residence Visa?

As you know, a Highly Skilled Professional Visa (i) gives preferential treatment to applicants with advanced skills.
If you obtain this visa, you will be granted to stay for five years, even from the first application.
In addition, if you maintain the visa for three years (for one year if you get 80 or more scores), you can apply for either of the following visas.
1) Permanent Residence Visa
2) Highly-skilled Professionals Visa (ii)

Both of the above allow you to stay in Japan permanently. However, each has different benefits.

1) Permanent Resident Visa
・It’s up to you if you work
・There are no restrictions on what kind of job you involve in
・ Advantageous for your spouse and children when applying for a permanent residence visa (given a notable exception that shortens the ten-year-stay requirement)

2) Highly-Skilled Professional Visa (ii)
・You need to maintain the Highly Skilled Professional Visa (i) by working at the same sponsoring company (if you work for another company, you need to change your visa status)
・You can bring your parents and housemaids
・Your spouse is allowed to work

If you have stayed for three years (for one year if you get 80 or more scores) with a Highly Skilled Professional Visa(i), you are eligible to apply for either a Highly Skilled Professional (ii) or Permanent Residence Visa.
Although you can stay here without a limited period with either of them, they differ in merits. You should consult a visa expert like us and choose which suits your needs.

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