Japan welcomes more highly skilled foreign professionals

The Japanese government decided on new categories of visas to accept more foreigners with advanced knowledge and skills (highly skilled foreign professionals) on February 17, 2023.

The Ministry of Justice intends to start operating the new types of visas by the end of April 2023 to promote inviting such highly skilled foreign professionals.
The authority expects that they will bring innovation to Japan’s academic research and economic industries and that they can revitalize the economy.

There are two programs to attract highly skilled foreign professionals.

1) Special Highly Skilled Human Resource System “J-Skip.”

Apart from the current Point System for highly skilled foreign professionals, the new visa status for those with a particular academic background/work experience and a certain annual income are granted preferential treatment as follows.

  • It is possible to apply for a permanent residence visa with only one year of stay in Japan.
  • Foreign domestic workers of up to 2 can accompany them
  • Further relaxation of work requirements for their spouses

Requirements for Researchers and Engineers:

  • Having a Master’s degree/or Ph.D. and an annual income of 20 million yen or more
  • Having work experience of 10 years or more and an annual income of 20 million yen or more

Requirements for Managing Directors:

  • Having work experience of 5 years or more and an annual income of 40 million yen or more

2) Future Creator Human Resource System “J-Find.”

This allows foreigners who have graduated from excellent overseas universities to look for a job in Japan for up to 2 years.
They can work and bring family members.

Requirements for J-Find:

  • Graduating from a university ranked within the top 100 in the two rankings of the three designated world top university rankings and within five years after graduation.
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