Things you will need to consider before setting up a company

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When you decide to start up your own company in Japan, you may wonder many things such as how big or in what form your company should be, what procedures you should follow, how much money you need, how you should change your visa status (if necessary), and probably many more!

As a professional agency with a team of judicial & administrative scriveners, we Z’xent Pro can answer your questions, assist you in setting up your company and offer a consultation to guide you to a solution. In this chapter, we will briefly explain some points you should consider to decide the size/form of your company.

Roughly speaking, there are two types of company forms in Japan. One is “Kabushiki Kaisha (KK)” and the other is “Goudou Kaisha(LLC).” As you can see in the chart below, LLC tends to be cost-friendly for a start and less paper-works.

Differences between KK and LLC

Liability Limited Liability
Amount of capital As much you like
Tax No difference between KK and LLC
Actual cost*
approx. 214,250 yen~
*Sales tax excluded
*Service fees excluded
Actual cost*
approx. 72,250 yen~
*Sales tax excluded
*Service fees excluded
Procedures Complicated Simple
Others -More popular than LLC in Japan
-KK seems to be considered more
reliable; therefore, good for big
-Able to minimize the initial cost
-LLC can be reorganized to KK

whenever you want.

Please also check out our website, FAQ for further questions such as “Q8. What’s the difference between establishing a company and opening a branch office?”, etc.

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