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[Japan] Cashless society is expanded in Japan

Japan to Become a Cashless Society? While waiting in a long queue at a supermarket or shopping mall, shoppers still need to move around carrying a heavy basket full of items. As they struggle to put all together what‘s listed … Continue reading

December featured business affairs

1. Accounting(The trend of “Accounting standard for Financial Instruments” (1)) The ASBJ, or Accounting Standards Board of Japan, has started to develop and amend the standard for financial instruments. Under the current Japanese accounting standards, securities (trading securities, held-to-maturity bonds, stocks … Continue reading

Expand Your Business to Japan

Process of Brexit goes slowly but steadily towards its end, whatever the consequences may be. Needless to say, it has already a great and will have more impact not only on UK but also on other countries including Japan. To … Continue reading

[Japan] Exciting innovations at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

In 1964, Japan prepared Tokyo for the Olympics by filling the old canals, building highways in the air and launching the Shinkansen bullet trains. Japan is now preparing Tokyo for the Olympics once again. This time 56 years later, Tokyo … Continue reading

[Japan] Labor market in Japan

Labor Shortage in Japan – Coming to an End? While Japan is known to be one of the most progressive countries in the world, it still faces some economic challenges and one is labor shortage. The working population of the … Continue reading

November featured business affairs

1. Accounting(CGS Guidelines Amended) The METI, or Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, amended the “Practical Guidelines for Corporate Governance Systems (CGS Guidelines)” in Sep. 2018. In this amendment, the correction related to president/CEO nomination and the success plan for companies … Continue reading

[Registration]Certificate of Registered Matters for Real Properties

Certification of all present matters When you own real properties in Japan, the matters concerning the ownership are registered in the registry of real property. This information can be confirmed in the official certificate and you can see the history … Continue reading

[Japan] Recent developments in cyber security in Japan

Recent developments in cyber security in Japan On October 1st, a private sector exchange of big data went live in Japan, enabling companies to buy and sell information. This is connected to recent discussions about cybersecurity. It’s often said that … Continue reading

[Invest] Two Giant Companies Having a New Business Venture

Two Giant Companies Having a New Business Venture Recently, two of the top companies in Japan have came up with a business venture. After some talks, they agreed to develop autonomous technologies in driving and some on-demand services like office … Continue reading

October featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Development of New Accounting Standard for Financial Instrument) In order to make Japanese accounting standards internationally consistent, the ASBJ will develop an accounting standard for financial instruments. By developing this new accounting standard, the ASBJ expect that they can establish … Continue reading