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[Japan] Japanese satellite business expanding

According to the Space Foundation, the global aerospace business is growing and was estimated to be worth about $400 billion in 2018. Both startups and traditional big players in Japan are now trying to get a piece of the cake. … Continue reading

August featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Revenue recognition basis – Disclosure) As for the ASBJ Statement No.29 Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition, the Accounting Standards Board of Japan (“ASBJ”), is reportedly discussing the relevant issues with disclosure and presentation, aiming for its effective date – the … Continue reading

[Japan] Our “Business Arrangement Service” to support your business

When starting a business in Japan, haven’t you hesitated because of the complexity of the procedures? I would like to inform you that our Business Arrangement Service has been launched. When non-Japanese people start a business in Japan, there are … Continue reading

[Japan] Foreigners buying real estates in Japan is booming

In recent years, the proportion of foreigners as a real estate buyer in Japan has become larger. The Olympic Games in Tokyo and the World Expo in Osaka probably support the popularity of Japanese real estates. In large cities such … Continue reading

[Business] Company certificate

When you do businesses with a Japanese company, what kind of method is there to confirm the credibility of the company? In Japan, a certificate is issued for a company by the Legal Affairs Bureau. The certificate contains information about … Continue reading

[Business] Corporate seal

When setting up a company in Japan, registration of an official company’s seal is required. The company’s seal has a very important role in the company’s commercial transactions and it has to be stored carefully by a responsible person such … Continue reading

[General Affairs] Effective writing

For the applicant, a resume is a brief, informative document summarizing your abilities, education, and experience. It should highlight your strongest assets and differentiate you from other candidates. On the other hands, attractive companies receive thousands of C.V in every … Continue reading

[Japan] Government subsidy in Osaka Japan

In Japan, same as other countries, we have miscellaneous subsidies for assisting the business, and I would like to introduce some of them especially focus on Osaka area. In Osaka city, they have subsidies programs according to a following purpose; … Continue reading

[Japan] G20 summit is held at Osaka Japan

From climate change to trade wars, here are the things they mainly discussed at the annual two-day G20 summit wraps up on Saturday in Osaka, Japan: 1) China and US agree to restart trade talks Since April U.S and China … Continue reading

[Japan] 3D printing in Japan

The traditional manufacturing industry in Japan has been strong for many years. Now a change is coming. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is said to fundamentally change the manufacturing industry. Given the existing strong manufacturing base, Japan could be at … Continue reading