A Minor Change in Flight Procedures May Result to Long Term Benefits

Just like in the United States, Japan will soon allow the use of mobile phones while on board the plane. Start … 続きを読む

August-Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Revision of Companies Act and External Director) A bill to revise the Companies Act will be prom … 続きを読む

Summer Sale is Back!

If United States has a “Black Friday Sale,” Japan has its own, too. So, aside from thinking of var … 続きを読む

More Preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Once a country has been awarded as the “host” for the Olympics, the government’s initial tas … 続きを読む

It’s Officially Summer!

For some countries such as United States and Japan, July is the official start of the most awaited season &#82 … 続きを読む

Japan’s National Team Will Be Back with a Vengeance

Just recently, the 2014 World Cup was held in Brazil. One of the participants is the Japanese national foot ba … 続きを読む

July-Featured business affairs

1. Accounting The ruling Liberal Democratic Party held a meeting of the financial research council corporate a … 続きを読む

A Haven for the Sweet Tooth

Can you resist the sweet taste of cakes, mochi and Matcha Green tea ice cream? Well, it would be very hard for … 続きを読む

Growth Strategy of Japan

Generally speaking, the Japanese infrastructure technology, system, and management scheme possess an outstandi … 続きを読む

June-Featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Unification of depreciation method) The Government Tax Commission discussed a depreciation sche … 続きを読む