What is a Seal Certificate?

Japan has a local custom to use a Seal for formal documents and this is an inevitable custom for foreign entre … 続きを読む

Febrary featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Relationship between the Outline of Tax Revisions of 2018 and the Accounting Standard for Revenu … 続きを読む

What people said at Davos

World Economic Forum was hold at Davos in last week, and here we will show short review of who said what at Da … 続きを読む

Japan Landed Top in BTC Investment

In the past article, Cryptocurrency was explained and Bitcoin was introduced as the leader in this industry. W … 続きを読む

Things you will need to consider before setting up a company Vol.3

When you consider setting up your new business in Japan, you will need to make sure whether or not your busine … 続きを読む

Coming of Age: A Very Important Japanese Tradition

For some countries, 21 is considered as the legal and adult age. When a man or woman reaches this age, he/she … 続きを読む

Is there really exist “Men flu”?

As commonly used, the term man flu could be describing a constitutional character flaw of men who, when felled … 続きを読む

January featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Comment about the exposure draft for accounting standards drafts for Revenue Recognition) In Jul … 続きを読む

Idea for decision making

Reality works as reality works. In order to be successful, you need to know how reality works and operate by p … 続きを読む

Land operators for travel need to be registered with regional government offices from the year 2018

In Japan, when companies operate travel agencies, they have to have certified travel supervisors in their comp … 続きを読む