[Japan] Current status of the Private Lodging Businesses in the Hotel Business Act

The Hotel Business Act defines three types of Hotel Business: the business of operating an inn or hotel, the b … 続きを読む

January featured business affairs Part 2

1. Accounting(Accounting process related to issuing and keeping electronically recorded monetary claims under … 続きを読む

January featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Information for understanding the amount of revenue for the current year and the following years … 続きを読む

[Japan] Foreign tourists to Japan hit record

In 2019, the number of foreign visitors to Japan reached a record high of 31.88 million, up with about 700,000 … 続きを読む

[Japan] Food business which requires Permission

  As to prevent the sanitation hazards resulting from eating and drinking and to ensure food safety and t … 続きを読む

December featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Additional developments in the new revenue recognition standards) On October 30, the ASBJ publis … 続きを読む

【Japan】Automotive Innovations at Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) took place at the beginning of November. The expo at Tokyo Big Sight is usually in shar … 続きを読む

November featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Proposals for footnotes on Revenue Recognition Accounting.) The ASBJ is currently working on foo … 続きを読む

[Japan] Difference between Branch and Subsidiary

If you are considering about expanding your current business and establishing your company in Japan, you may w … 続きを読む

October featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Disclosure issue in the new revenue recognition standard) The new revenue recognition standard p … 続きを読む