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[Japan] Government subsidy in Osaka Japan

In Japan, same as other countries, we have miscellaneous subsidies for assisting the business, and I would like to introduce some of them especially focus on Osaka area. In Osaka city, they have subsidies programs according to a following purpose; … Continue reading

[Japan] G20 summit is held at Osaka Japan

From climate change to trade wars, here are the things they mainly discussed at the annual two-day G20 summit wraps up on Saturday in Osaka, Japan: 1) China and US agree to restart trade talks Since April U.S and China … Continue reading

[Japan] 3D printing in Japan

The traditional manufacturing industry in Japan has been strong for many years. Now a change is coming. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is said to fundamentally change the manufacturing industry. Given the existing strong manufacturing base, Japan could be at … Continue reading

[Japan] Tax filing with reverse charge mechanism

Now a days, there are thousands of digital contents or services selling through the internet, and its related tax mechanism is, too, revised. When a foreign business provides “provision of business-to-business(B2B) electronic services” and “provision of specific services”, a Japanese … Continue reading

June featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Enrichment for director compensation disclosure) On January 31, 2019, the “Cabinet Office Ordinance to reform articles regarding the Disclosure of Corporate Affairs, etc.” (hereunder “Reformed Cabinet Office Ordinance”) was promulgated and enforced. Some disclosure items are enriched on the Reformed … Continue reading

[Japan] PM Abe has summit with U.S president Trump

PM Abe has meeting with U.S president Donald Trump in this week, and they will discuss current bilateral trade environment. According to the news president Trump said “Japan has had a substantial advantage for many, many years, but that’s okay, … Continue reading

[Japan] Japanese government to increase e-commerce support

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will increase support for companies in Japan that wants to sell products abroad. The general strategy is to open more Japan Mall websites on large international e-commerce sites. This support was first … Continue reading

[Health] Enhance cognition helps handling risks

According to news in these days, there are so many accidents or troubles that are caused by “Less Cognition” with ages. For avoiding above risks, it is important to train our cognition daily. Here are some tips to be awaking … Continue reading

May featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Future of Lease Accounting) The ASBJ is developing a new accounting standard for leases. The main content is part of an effort to make Japanese standards match international standards. The ASBJ aimed at considering whether all leases should to recognize … Continue reading

[Japan] Certificate of Registered Matters for Companies

A Certificate of Registered Matters of a company is one of the important documents to conduct your business in Japan. It is often required in various scenes, together with a Seal Certificate of the company. With this document, the basic … Continue reading