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January featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Comment about the exposure draft for accounting standards drafts for Revenue Recognition) In July 2017, the Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ) released an exposure draft for accounting standards (Draft of statement No.61) for Revenue Recognition and an exposure draft … Continue reading

Idea for decision making

Reality works as reality works. In order to be successful, you need to know how reality works and operate by principles for dealing with it that get you what you want. Principles is all about having clarity and alignment of … Continue reading

Land operators for travel need to be registered with regional government offices from the year 2018

In Japan, when companies operate travel agencies, they have to have certified travel supervisors in their companies and must be registered to jurisdictional offices. In addition to the above-mentioned business, travel arrangement agencies (what is called a “land operator”), will … Continue reading

Foreigners Working Part-Time Arising in Number

It is a known fact that Japan’s population is continuously aging, therefore, its workforce is greatly affected. With the alarming workforce shortage in Japan, one of the immediate solution is hiring non-Japanese workers to lessen the deficiency. For the last … Continue reading

Driverless Vehicle Tested in Aichi

The roads of Aichi Prefecture, which is the home of the biggest car manufacturing company in Japan, was used during the road test of the recent invention in the industry of car manufacturing. A car without a driver used to … Continue reading

Things you will need to consider before setting up a company Vol.2

We have already explained the difference between KK and LLC in Vol.1 Some of you may be considering expanding your current business overseas to Japan, in such cases, there are more options of company forms you can choose. In this … Continue reading

Forecast of Japan’s GDP may brighter than former expectations.

Japan’s economic growth rate is revealed on Friday, and it is doubled in the third quarter, with expansion seen to continue thanks to buoyant exports. The capital expenditure component of gross domestic product was revised to a rise of 1.1 … Continue reading

December featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Accounting for cryptocurrencies) The ABSJ (Accounting Standards Board of Japan) has been considering the treatment of accounting for cryptocurrencies among the operators and the users of cryptocurrency exchanges. This deliberation has been based on the smooth operations of audit system … Continue reading

Bike Sharing – Fun and Practical

Japan is just one of the few countries that is a certified bicycle-friendly. Not all countries want to accommodate bikes especially in hi-ways and busy streets. For some motorists, bicycles can be a real obstacle in streets. On the other … Continue reading

Things you will need to consider before setting up a company

When you decide to start up your own company in Japan, you may wonder many things such as how big or in what form your company should be, what procedures you should follow, how much money you need, how you … Continue reading