June Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Disclosure of basic views on selection of accounting standards.) The Tokyo Stock Exchange, in li … 続きを読む

Job’s Act and Crowd Funding Principle

Three years after the JOB’s act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act) started in the United States, the … 続きを読む

Japan Named As One of the Most Friendly Nations

Every year, Japan welcomes millions of visitors. In spite this, efforts from the Japanese government still con … 続きを読む

Japanese Employees Now Encouraged to Take a Vacation

For most Japanese employees, there are two common reasons as to why they do not like being away from work. Fir … 続きを読む

May Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(The development of accounting standards for revenue recognition.) The Accounting Standards Board … 続きを読む

Status of Japan’s Minimum Wage

The Japanese economic condition is believed to have been improving in the last three years since PM Abe’ … 続きを読む

Japan’s Call for Robot Evolution

In some countries, robots are only fictional and can only be seen in museums, galleries and animated movies. H … 続きを読む

April Featured business affairs

Accounting(Change of corporate governance.) By March 2, four companies announced their transition to a company … 続きを読む

Proposal Made to Raise the Percentage for Paternity Leave

Aging population and low birth rate are two major issues in Japan nowadays. The age gap between the working cl … 続きを読む

Japanese Higher Education – Taken to the Next Level

In the competitive world that we have today, education is one major factor that is always being considered. Wh … 続きを読む