Summer Sale is Back!

If United States has a “Black Friday Sale,” Japan has its own, too. So, aside from thinking of var … 続きを読む

More Preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Once a country has been awarded as the “host” for the Olympics, the government’s initial tas … 続きを読む

It’s Officially Summer!

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Japan’s National Team Will Be Back with a Vengeance

Just recently, the 2014 World Cup was held in Brazil. One of the participants is the Japanese national foot ba … 続きを読む

July-Featured business affairs

1. Accounting The ruling Liberal Democratic Party held a meeting of the financial research council corporate a … 続きを読む

A Haven for the Sweet Tooth

Can you resist the sweet taste of cakes, mochi and Matcha Green tea ice cream? Well, it would be very hard for … 続きを読む

Growth Strategy of Japan

Generally speaking, the Japanese infrastructure technology, system, and management scheme possess an outstandi … 続きを読む

June-Featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Unification of depreciation method) The Government Tax Commission discussed a depreciation sche … 続きを読む

Product Development and Marketing Volume II

In a previous article, it was mentioned that products should be promoted well and it helps to have an efficien … 続きを読む

Japan in Becoming More Accommodating to Foreigners

In United States, Canada, Australia and other European countries, migration is commonly and easily done as lon … 続きを読む