It’s Time to Shape Up!

In a common marathon, participants wear a jersey and a pair of shorts together with a best- performing brand o … 続きを読む

February Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(An Exposure Draft of the proposed amendment to PITF No.44,“Accounting Policies Applied to Foreig … 続きを読む

A Fusion of Traditional and Modern Japanese Architecture – Is It Possible?

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Tax Free System – Giving More Reasons To Enjoy Shopping

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Deregulation Hopes to Accelerates Direct Foreign Investments

The Government of Japan will make changes on the criteria of investment Visa acquisitions. If a business perso … 続きを読む

Why Consider Japan for Business Expansion

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Getting Lucky in a Bag on New Year’s Day

In the united states, Black Friday Sale is considered to be the best shopping day for Americans. This happens … 続きを読む

January Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Roles and responsibilities of external directors.) The Financial Services Agency and the Tokyo S … 続きを読む

Free Wi-Fi Service in Japan

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What You Must Know Before Travelling to Japan

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