Augest featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Plan to develop accounting standard for revenue recognition) The ASBJ has been deliberating a pl … 続きを読む

Additional money supply policy by BOJ and Gov Japan will lure Japanese economy??

After more than three years of pumping out wave after wave of cheap money that’s failed to secure its inflatio … 続きを読む

Technology will make our sociery efficient?

One student at Stanford university developed chat based “AI (Artificial Intelligence) Lawyer” and … 続きを読む

Hassle-Free Process of Setting up Medical Facilities

When setting up a medical/dental clinic or expanding a hospital area, what is the first struggle that comes to … 続きを読む

What Type of Service Can You Experience in Japan?

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll definitely look for a warm welcome and good hospitality from the p … 続きを読む

July featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Clarifications to Revenue Recognition Standard) In April 2016, the IASB issued amendments to IFR … 続きを読む

What Course to Take When Studying in Japan?

Being the second top country with the best educational system in the world, this recognition says so much abou … 続きを読む

How effect “BREIXT” on Japanese company?

Britain’s departure from the European Union dealt what may be the biggest blow yet to globalization, challengi … 続きを読む

Improve a productivity with appropriate methods

So many playing managers have a difficulty,such as too busy to handle each of issue, at their project manageme … 続きを読む

Japanese Educational System – One of the Best Worldwide

For the year 2015-2016, Japan hit the 2nd spot among the countries with the best educational system in the who … 続きを読む