New Year’s Resolution – Do You Still Believe In It?

When people talk about New Year, the word “resolution” always comes with it. It has been a common … 続きを読む

Celebrating New Year in a Meaningful Way

For Japanese families, celebrating New Year is all about togetherness. Like other nations, bringing the family … 続きを読む

January featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Addressing negative interest issue) The ASBJ has been addressing the accounting issue relating … 続きを読む

Summary of 2016

It getting near to end of the year. Let’s review what We had in 2016. Our central bank has launched nega … 続きを読む

New policy interest and world market for coming year.

Federal Reserve officials raised interest rates for the first time this year and forecast a steeper path for b … 続きを読む

Make yourself happy at end of the year

When was the last time you said, “I couldn’t be happier…”? Happiness can be elusive. I … 続きを読む

How to Save When You Spend A lot

Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year’s Day. These are just some of the famous holidays we have all over the … 続きを読む

December featured business affairs

1. Accounting The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has published its to-do list for the next fi … 続きを読む

Touchstones of coming year

Amid all the gloom for Japan’s biggest banks – negative interest rates on reserves, waning brokerage inc … 続きを読む

Japanese Bull market hit 8 days consquently high

Shares in Tokyo climbed into a bull market, as a sustained pullback in the yen against the dollar helped inves … 続きを読む