METI approves 10 billion yen for foreign companies

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) recently approved five foreign companies to receive subsidi … 続きを読む

Department store competition heats up

On May 4 JR Osaka Isetan Mitsukoshi opened its doors for business. It is the first Isetan department store in … 続きを読む

Status update on 2011 Japanese Tax Reform Bill

Consideration for the 2011 Tax Reform Bill has currently been put on hold in the Lower House for the time bein … 続きを読む

Current tourism situation in Japan

Currently because of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in eastern Japan, tourism from overseas visitor … 続きを読む

FAQ update: What are the advantages of opening a subsidy? What are the advantages of opening a branch?

Today updated our FAQ with a new question: Q20. What are the advantages of opening a subsidy? What are the adv … 続きを読む

Businesses Shift to Kansai

There is a legendary and friendly rivalry between Osaka and Tokyo, but when disasters strike such as the recen … 続きを読む

Osaka Mayor’s message to people all over the world

5/2/2011 Dear Friends of the World, One month has passed since the Tohoku and Kanto Regions were hit by the Gr … 続きを読む

Worried about under-information, having no contacts, or having no human resources in Japan?

When you start business in Japan, you might be worried about the things above. Of course, these elements are v … 続きを読む

Are there subsidies that foreign companies can receive?

The Japanese government has announced that it has created policies to provide incentives such as locational su … 続きを読む

What exactly does small-medium businesses mean? (small-medium business preferential tax system)

Under Japanese tax code, small-medium sized businesses are defined as “companies with equity of 100 million ye … 続きを読む