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Japan surprises with a four-day workweek

In June, the Japanese Government made headlines proposing a four-day workweek. This came as a surprise for sur … 続きを読む

The requirements for an intra-company transfer visa

The requirements for an intra-company transfee visa are having been employed at the head office or its affilia … 続きを読む

Japan to be a battery leader?

Did you know that Japan is the world’s No.1 when it comes to battery-related patents? There are already … 続きを読む

Establishment of business entity in Japan

Regarding the establishment of entities in Japan, there are mainly 2 methods, which are a subsidiary company a … 続きを読む

Cryptocurrency in Japan

In recent years, cryptocurrency has been rising as a global phenomenon. This is also true in the case of Japan … 続きを読む

Highrise condominiums in Tokyo are still demanded.

Sales of highrise condominiums are still strong amid the economic downturn caused by the spread of the COVID-1 … 続きを読む

If you want to set up a company at a low cost, LLC is the best choice.

There are mainly two types of Japanese companies, which are “K.K”, Kabushiki Kaisha, and “LL … 続きを読む

Japan to offer incentives to attract financial talents

As Hong Kong faces an exodus of finance professionals, the Japanese government has developed a new strategy to … 続きを読む

Introduction of tax payment agency service

Do you own land or buildings in Japan while residing overseas? Property taxes and city planning taxes levied o … 続きを読む

What if my Japanese visa expires or my credential (CoE) expires?

Every visa has its term of validity. Under the Covid-19 pandemic, please refer if you have any of the followin … 続きを読む