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October featured business affairs

1. Accounting(The assessment process of the accounting guidelines on the concession of public facilities) The Abe cabinet, thorough its growth strategy, has set a goal to achieve economic revitalization and fiscal consolidation by utilization of infrastructure operation programs like roads, airports, … Continue reading

Can Chinese Yuan play a role as a international currency?

Chinese yuan will become one of five global reserve currencies on Saturday, the culmination of several years of efforts by Chinese policy makers to gain such recognition. Its entry into the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights — alongside the … Continue reading

Worker’s Loyalty in a Japanese Company – Is it Good or Bad?

In several western and Asian countries, having a bunch of employers listed in a worker’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an advantage and edge over the others. It is believed that the more companies you worked for, the better job experience … Continue reading

Features of Japanese labor market

Different from Job hopper in the States, Japanese workers rarely jump to different companies, even it is causing a frustration to policy makers’ efforts to drive wages up. Wages fell steadily during a long deflation in Japan. Raising them has … Continue reading

How to Have a Successful Business in Japan

This article is specially intended for people who are about to do a business venture of their products and services in Japan. Nowadays, there are lots of items being sold in the country that are foreign in nature. While most … Continue reading

September featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Sales with a right of return) The following discussion has taken place in the ASBJ. According to IFRS No. 15, the portion of sales with a right of return for a total transaction price is not recognized as revenue since … Continue reading

World first automatic driving taxi is debut at Singapore

As we have been featured in here, new technology enhance and fruitful our society in these days. Select members of the public began hailing free rides Thursday through their smartphones in taxis operated by nuTonomy, an autonomous vehicle software startup. … Continue reading

First Lady Governor in Tokyo

After several decades of having the usual male governor, the Japanese people already decided to go for a change by electing a woman for the said position in the Tokyo. She won the race against Masuda and Shuntaro Torigoe, who … Continue reading

How to maintain your memory?

Normal aging leads to gradual changes in many skills associated with thinking and memory. For example, you might find it harder to focus your attention and absorb information quickly. The slowdown in processing can lead to a bottleneck of information … Continue reading

Prime Minister Abe Cancels Tax Raise For Now

Originally scheduled in April 2017, Japan’s increase in sales tax was moved to 2019, which is two years later. Prime Minister Abe recently announced that the reason for this decision is due to the acceleration of his “Abenomics” policy as … Continue reading