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Japanese Security Market – How Can Foreign Investors Penetrate?

It has already been 2 year since PM Abe started his strategy called “Abenomics”. These days, the Japanese Security market is becoming brisk and ready to accept various investments from all over the world. Due to this improving economic situation, … Continue reading

US-Japan Business & Technology Symposium 2014

Just last month, a government agency held a Business and Technology Symposium in San Francisco, California. This aimed to revisit the economic relationship between both countries. During the symposium, Japanese government officials did some interesting talks. The top agencies that … Continue reading

Featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Research on employee benefit cost) The research conducted by KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation) shows that the average Welfare and Benefit cost borne by an employer for an employee from April 2012 to March 2013 was JPY 104,243 per … Continue reading

Japan Held a Tourism Fair in China

Despite the ongoing territorial disputes between Japan and China, it is very pleasing to know that China allowed Japan to conduct a tourism fair in its territory. The fair’s main goal is to promote Japan as an attractive destination for … Continue reading

Japan Won a Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics

Just like the regular Olympics, Winter Olympics also comes every four years. For the year 2014, it was held in Sochi, Russia. Several countries participated in the 15 different disciplines such as figure skating, skiing, biathlon, curling, hockey and a … Continue reading

Licenses to Manufacture and Sell Alcoholic Beverages

There are times when we received some inquiries about securing a license to manufacture and sell alcohol in Japan. To address this type of question, we decided to discuss it briefly in this article. Japanese Sake is becoming popular in … Continue reading

Exportation of Second-Hand Cars

Recently, we have been receiving inquiries about exporting second-hand cars, also known as “cream puffs” in Japan. Every car you see on the road may seem brand new, but that’s not always the case. The reason for the cars’ nice … Continue reading

IBPC Osaka – Providing Business Support

When planning to put up a business in Japan, one of the common questions you may ask is “Is there any available support organization or program in Japan? ” At this time, foreign investors are lucky to receive all the … Continue reading

Japan to Hire Foreign Workers to Improve Economic Status

Great news to foreign workers who dream of working to Japan! Recently, Prime Minister Abe confirmed that the country will soon start hiring trainees and highly-skilled foreign workers. This can be done by streamlining the procedures in recruitment in order … Continue reading

Japan’s National Security Bureau to Be Launched

One of the strategies of PM Abe is to strengthen its relationships to its neighboring countries by creating allies that can benefit both Japan and other Asian countries. In relation to this, another action plan was formulated through the creation … Continue reading