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JETRO to Hold “Doing Business in Kobe” Seminar

The Japanese External Trade Organization, JETRO, is planning to hold a seminar in Tokyo about investment and business opportunities in Kobe. You can sign up and see the original announcement on their home page, here. In Kobe, we have been … Continue reading

Tokyo looks to entice 500+ foreign companies

The Tokyo government announced last week on the 27th that it has applied to the national government for 5 districts in the city, downtown and along the coast, to be designated as “International Strategy Comprehensive Zone”. The areas selected were … Continue reading

Plans under consideration regarding taxes

Last week the chairman of a committee that is responsible for examining the tax situation in Japan said that three are three plans under consideration for temporarily increasing certain taxes in order to raise revenues. The increased revenues will be … Continue reading

New Subsidy Available: ¥200K for Travel Companies

In order to try and increase the number of foreign tourists to Japan, the Kyoto Prefecture government introduced on September 1st a plan to give up to ¥200,000 in subsidy money to travel agencies. The subsidies will be supplied based … Continue reading

Top 3 Kansai Industries to Rise Above 22 Trillion Yen

The Kansai Economic Federation and the Kansai Institute for Social and Economic Research announced on the 25th that according to their preliminary calculations, the market size of three top industries (tourism, environmental, medial) will rise above 22 trillion yen. These … Continue reading

New Business Incentives in Kobe

The city of Kobe along with Hyogo Prefecture are recently encouraging foreign companies to expand into the area with some attractive incentives. As we mentioned in another post, Kobe is a major center for advanced technology and regenerative medicine research. … Continue reading

New Japanese Multi-Visa for Chinese a Success

As we posted in June, the Japanese government has recently started issuing new “mult-visas” for Chinese citizens to Okinawa, Japan. The government has reported that the visas have been a huge success. In only one month it is reported that … Continue reading

Incentive Update: Sakai City, Osaka

Sakai City in Osaka prefecture has offered this year subsidy support for businesses that open in certain areas in the city.  These subsidies are available for Japanese and foreign businesses alike who establish a business or office the area.  They … Continue reading

Types of Companies in Japan

What are the different forms of companies in Japan? The Japanese word for company is kaisha 会社 (often gaisha when part of a compound word). There are four kinds of companies in Japan: corporations (kabushiki-gaisha 株式会社), LLCs (goudou-gaisha 合同会社), general … Continue reading

Japan firms set record in foreign M&A

The Asahi Shimbun reports that Japanese companies merged or acquired a record number of foreign companies in 2011 so far. Most of these transactions involved Chinese companies, and South Korean and Thai companies were also high in number. The value … Continue reading