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About Seal Impression Registration

The seal substitutes for the signature which is called “判子(Hanko)” in Japan. There are Two different types of Seals : corporate Seal and private Seal. Corporate seal use for a companies activities, for instance contract, which you can register at … Continue reading

Investor Visa Process

Following processes are until you can get an investor visa. ・Rent an office which register for your business You need to rent an office for business registration and apply your visa. In the case of considering SOHO which must be … Continue reading

Temporary Officer Program

First of all, you prepare to set up your company, you have torder viagra onlineo arrange a representative who has an address in Japan. In other word, one of the representative of your corporation has an address in japan, you … Continue reading

Low Mortality

The Japanese cabinet office announced in 2011 annual financial report that a percentage of going down business in Japan is rather lower among member countries of the OECD. The percentage in Japan is 4%, US 10% and UK 11%. It … Continue reading

Open a Corporate bank account in Japan

We sometimes get inquired “want to open a company’s bank account to start a business in Japan” from our potential clients. How you open it depends on countries, so it might be confusing. Now we’d like to share brief tips … Continue reading

Conversion to electoronic bring new Niche

A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. So the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and … Continue reading

Reduction of tax which relate to real estate

Following is simply a case in point of tax reduction which relate to real estate acquired Reduction of real estate acquisition tax Until Mar/31/2015 You need to pay real estate tax when you acquire a real estate in Japan. (cheap … Continue reading

Subsidy for Solar system installation

The solar-power business is expanding quickly in Japan., helping lift the cloud that has surrounded the industry. You can apply 3 different government subsidies Federal government subsidy Solar system installation cost per 1kw Subsidy per 1kw power generation ¥35k~¥475k ¥35k … Continue reading

Business Tips in Japan Tax Vol.1

Corporate tax rate is changed. The company which fiscal period start from April 1st(account closed after April 1st included) will be imposed new corporate tax rate. Corporate tax rate : before 30% new 25.5% (if companies net profit is over … Continue reading

Feedback from Clients

Here we have a voice from our valued clients. Thank you for all your hard work. You really helped me a lot in starting my business and I really appreciated all the service offered in your package. I had a … Continue reading