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How to Increase Your Business Presence Online Part.2

4. Be consistent It may sound simple, yet very important and always neglected. Once your website or a page is created, you may post regularly at the start but what happens after a month or two? There are many businesses … Continue reading

Z’xent Pro New Service

We, Z’xent Pro, would like to announce that we will begin a complete new service, Z’xent Pro’s “Meet-up for Start-ups” from the 1st of May, 2018. You can freely call us on Skype during the set hours as below and … Continue reading

How to Increase Your Business Presence Online (Part 1)

You just started your own business and still trying to promote it in various ways. In making your business known, you may opt to go for paid marketing or take advantage of the free options for optimum returns. With the … Continue reading

Fukuoka is one of the best cities for starting up your business in Japan

Do you think which city is the best for establishing a business in Japan? Most of the entrepreneurs may imagine of Tokyo or Osaka when they intend to start a new business in Japan because of the well-known city name … Continue reading

April featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Accounting Treatment for Virtual Currency) According to the comments on the “Practical Solution on Accounting for Virtual Currency under the Payment Services Act” exposure draft, the following items have been raised as items to consider for clarification in the future … Continue reading

By keeping good health with fear management

Fear can be a helpful signal; it can bring your attention to problems—such as a balance disorder, reduced vision, or muscle weakness—that keep you from moving confidently. But fear can also undermine you. Persistent worrying about a fall, if it’s … Continue reading

How will U.S tariff effect on Japan

Japanese minister of Finance Taro Aso said on Friday that he would closely watch the United States’ move to impose tariffs on up to $60 billion of Chinese goods. Aso made the comment just hours after U.S. President Donald Trump … Continue reading

Japan’s Unemployment Rate Improved

One of the success indicators in a country’s healthy economy is the unemployment rate. This factor goes with others such as interest rate, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and inflation. Economics 101 tells us that the more people work, the better … Continue reading

Property Management Service at Z’xent Pro

As a motivated entrepreneur, if you are thinking of being a property owner/investor in Japan, we, Z’xent Pro, are the one to help you achieve the goal. Our newly introduced ‘Property Management Service’ enables you to proceed one or all … Continue reading

The Power of the Japanese Passport

For most countries, a visa is required when traveling from one country to another. It is a document that is very important to any traveler and should be secured before purchasing a plane ticket. Unlike for Japanese tourists, they are … Continue reading