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Proposal Made to Raise the Percentage for Paternity Leave

Aging population and low birth rate are two major issues in Japan nowadays. The age gap between the working class and children is getting farther and wider. One cause of this is the low percentage of women giving birth. As … Continue reading

Japanese Higher Education – Taken to the Next Level

In the competitive world that we have today, education is one major factor that is always being considered. When applying for a job anywhere in the world, one’s university always carries an impact. In fact, it makes a person competitive … Continue reading

【News Flash】Revisions Made Regarding Corporate Law Standards

On March 16, 2015, Japan’s Ministry of Justice has amended the country’s corporate law standards. As per the old law, business owners are only allowed to register or set up a business if they can provide a Japanese address. However, … Continue reading

March Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Effects on accounting due to negative interest.) According to the recent interest information announced by the Ministry of Finance as of January 20th, interest rates on short and medium-term Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) have dropped below zero. You may … Continue reading

It’s Time to Shape Up!

In a common marathon, participants wear a jersey and a pair of shorts together with a best- performing brand of rubber shoes. For some, a bottle water is an add-on that may sometimes slow down a participant. Nevertheless, any participant … Continue reading

February Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(An Exposure Draft of the proposed amendment to PITF No.44,“Accounting Policies Applied to Foreign Subsidiaries for Consolidating Financial Statements”.) The revision of PITF No.18, “A Practical Solution to the Unification of Accounting Policies Applied to Foreign Subsidiaries for Consolidated … Continue reading

A Fusion of Traditional and Modern Japanese Architecture – Is It Possible?

The renovation of traditional Japanese houses crosses between the traditional Japanese architect called “Kominka” and foreign/modern style is gaining popularity nowadays. In Kyoto particularly, we can find lots of Kominka especially Kyoto-style Kominkas. By the way, people call them “Kyo-Machiya” … Continue reading

Tax Free System – Giving More Reasons To Enjoy Shopping

When visiting a country for the first time, it is very common for tourists to shop for souvenirs before heading back to the home country. This is a practice that most people do regardless of the nationality. To save a … Continue reading

Deregulation Hopes to Accelerates Direct Foreign Investments

The Government of Japan will make changes on the criteria of investment Visa acquisitions. If a business person plans on starting a business, the current criteria requires company registration in order to acquire an investment visa. In connection, company registration … Continue reading

Why Consider Japan for Business Expansion

Being one of the most progressive countries in Asia, Japan is famous not only in its tourism but also considered as one of the best places to start business with. Yearly, millions of tourists visit Japan to see its beauty … Continue reading