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Deregulation Hopes to Accelerates Direct Foreign Investments

The Government of Japan will make changes on the criteria of investment Visa acquisitions. If a business person plans on starting a business, the current criteria requires company registration in order to acquire an investment visa. In connection, company registration … Continue reading

Why Consider Japan for Business Expansion

Being one of the most progressive countries in Asia, Japan is famous not only in its tourism but also considered as one of the best places to start business with. Yearly, millions of tourists visit Japan to see its beauty … Continue reading

Getting Lucky in a Bag on New Year’s Day

In the united states, Black Friday Sale is considered to be the best shopping day for Americans. This happens yearly just in time for Thanksgiving Day, which is a very important event for them. In Japan, there’s also a special … Continue reading

January Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Roles and responsibilities of external directors.) The Financial Services Agency and the Tokyo Stock Exchange held the seventh session of the Council of Expert – Concerning Corporate Governance Code. The draft presented by the council’s secretariat states that it … Continue reading

Free Wi-Fi Service in Japan

Taking photos and posting them in various social networking sites are just two of the most common things to do while on a tour. Easy access to the internet is a consideration for most people and free wi-fi is always … Continue reading

What You Must Know Before Travelling to Japan

Most foreigners want to see the beauty of Japan and experience the best of the country’s culture. Part of the unique culture is the act of “bowing”, which is not common to most countries. For Japanese, this is an ultimate … Continue reading

December Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(External directors) The Financial Services Agency and the Tokyo Stock Exchange held the fifth session of “the panel of experts to develop a corporate governance code” to hear opinions about the number of people and composition of boards of … Continue reading

Japan’s House of Representative Dissolved by the PM

Last Friday afternoon, the House of Representatives was dissolved by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was seeking a public mandate to push forward his Abenomics economic policies. “This dissolution is an Abenomics dissolution,” Abe explained at the press conference happened … Continue reading

Annual Tokyo Vegefood Festa

Most people nowadays want to stay healthy and fit and so eating vegetables has been part of their daily lives. For some people, going “vegan” and “vegetarian” can be a perfect healthy decision. In relation to this, Japanese and foreigners … Continue reading

November Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Change of depreciation method) This has been changing from the declining balance method to the straight line method. Actually, as after the fiscal year ended in March 2012, an increasing number of companies have been changing the depreciation method … Continue reading