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Japan Named As One of the Most Friendly Nations

Every year, Japan welcomes millions of visitors. In spite this, efforts from the Japanese government still continue in promoting the country and increasing the number of tourists. With this goal, action plans are made in order to make all places … Continue reading

Japanese Employees Now Encouraged to Take a Vacation

For most Japanese employees, there are two common reasons as to why they do not like being away from work. First, it is difficult for them to take a leave knowing that a lot of tasks are waiting to be … Continue reading

May Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(The development of accounting standards for revenue recognition.) The Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ) deliberated about the development of accounting standard for revenue recognition after a private discussion regarding the operation of the board on March 6th, 2015. … Continue reading

Status of Japan’s Minimum Wage

The Japanese economic condition is believed to have been improving in the last three years since PM Abe’s term started. As per the labor market, unemployment rate was marked at 3.5% and has been consequently decreasing in the last six … Continue reading

Japan’s Call for Robot Evolution

In some countries, robots are only fictional and can only be seen in museums, galleries and animated movies. However, this is not the case in Japan. With the country’s technological advancements, the use of robots is becoming very popular. In … Continue reading

April Featured business affairs

Accounting(Change of corporate governance.) By March 2, four companies announced their transition to a company with an “Audit and Supervisory Committee “. The purpose of the migration is “the further strengthening of the supervisory function of the Board of Directors … Continue reading

Proposal Made to Raise the Percentage for Paternity Leave

Aging population and low birth rate are two major issues in Japan nowadays. The age gap between the working class and children is getting farther and wider. One cause of this is the low percentage of women giving birth. As … Continue reading

Japanese Higher Education – Taken to the Next Level

In the competitive world that we have today, education is one major factor that is always being considered. When applying for a job anywhere in the world, one’s university always carries an impact. In fact, it makes a person competitive … Continue reading

【News Flash】Revisions Made Regarding Corporate Law Standards

On March 16, 2015, Japan’s Ministry of Justice has amended the country’s corporate law standards. As per the old law, business owners are only allowed to register or set up a business if they can provide a Japanese address. However, … Continue reading

March Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Effects on accounting due to negative interest.) According to the recent interest information announced by the Ministry of Finance as of January 20th, interest rates on short and medium-term Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) have dropped below zero. You may … Continue reading