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Situation of AirBnB in Japan (a.k.a Min-Paku in Japan)

Perhaps not for much longer though. Under pressure from the hotel industry and a populace concerned with the surge of foreigners in their neighborhoods, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government has released guidelines for home sharing — called minpaku in Japanese … Continue reading

Negative interest rate let investors recur a traditional investment method

Gold bears for years fed off the prospects for higher borrowing costs.Now bulls are thriving in a world where negative rates are becoming commonplace. The Bank of Japan adopted negative rates last month to spur growth, joining central banks in … Continue reading

What’s Next After Tokyo Olympics?

At this point, most Japanese are already halfway in preparing for the coming Tokyo Olympics. For some, who wants to take part in this prestigious event, learning and enhancing their English skills is just one of the goals. Moreover, the … Continue reading

February featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Sanctions to E&Y ShinNihon) On December 22nd 2015, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) imposed a 2.1 billion yen administrative monetary penalty on Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC (ShinNihon). The sanctions include a three months suspension from taking on new … Continue reading

Does “Negative Interest” demodulate Japanese economic?

Japanese central bank, Bank of Japan (BOJ) stunned the markets Friday by setting the country’s first negative interest rates, in a desperate attempt to keep the economy from sliding back into the stagnation that has dogged it for much of … Continue reading

ERP solutions – On-premise vs Cloud

PC performance has been developed significantly in a decade and according to that, server technology is leaped. Correspond to above, various software for business solutions such as soft ware for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are invented and used in business … Continue reading

Key Business Industries in Japan Today

In every country, there are certain businesses that really stand out among the rest. Depending on several factors, a country can become really popular due to its superior products or services. When talking about progressive countries, Japan is always on … Continue reading

Celebrating New Year – Uniquely Japanese Way

In most countries, Christmas and Thanksgiving are the most festive and well-celebrated occasions. During these days, people make the most preparations and spend it with their loved ones. In Japan, it is known that New Year’s Day is like the … Continue reading

January featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Toshiba U.S. unit Westinghouse’s impairment loss on goodwill) Toshiba has been unstable because of a scandal centered around inappropriate accounting. The Japanese Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) recommended imposing a fine of JPY 7.3bn on Toshiba for its … Continue reading

Why data scientist can be a “Hottest” jobs !?

Is data scientist the sexiest job of the 21st century? That’s what the Harvard Business Review said back in 2012, and now the rest of the world seems to be catching up. Forbes has recently ranked data science the No. … Continue reading