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[Travel] Where to Visit When in Japan

Where to Visit When in Japan Japan, being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, offers many beautiful sights to see. Every city in Japan has something to brag about. Regardless if you go the northern, southern … Continue reading

July featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Future Plan for Accounting Standards Currently under Development) In the “Future Plan for Accounting Standards Currently under Development” which was released in May 2018 by the ASBJ, the following themes are taken up as items which are not fixed in … Continue reading

[FinTech] Japan Proposing Cashless Payments

Japan Proposing Cashless Payments for the Coming Olympics Carrying a big amount of cash can put your life in danger nowadays. In spite of all the security measures placed in banks and various financial institutions, you can still watch some … Continue reading

[Market] Japan’s Top Car Manufacturer to Soar High

Japan’s Top Car Manufacturer to Soar High Honda, being known as a top car manufacturer has taken a step up in providing quality vehicles. More than 50 years ago, the company started making its early car models and since then, … Continue reading

June featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Public announcement of an amendment to “Japan’s modified international standards”) The ASBJ implemented the endorsement procedure on accounting standards announced by the IASB and released the Japan’s Modified International Standards (JMIS). This was issued as a result of the implementation … Continue reading

[Incorporate] Investment report and Tax documents

Investment Report to Japan Bank and Tax documents for Start-ups When you consider setting up a company, a branch or a subsidiary in Japan, there are certain things-to-do that correspond to the incorporation procedures. In this chapter, we will introduce … Continue reading

[Japan] Bullet Train Design has been changed

Bullet Train Designed After a Famous Cartoon Character Who wouldn’t have known Hello Kitty? Almost everyone knows this famous character not only by children but also for people who are young at heart. Originated in Japan, it was created by … Continue reading

[Japan] Japan’s FlagShip Airline

Japan’s FlagShip Airline Setting Up a Budget Carrier Over the years, Japan Airlines, which is Japan’s #1 flag carrier airline has been providing premium services to travelers. Its main priority is flight safety and providing a wonderful experience that guests … Continue reading

Z’xent Pro’s support service for purchasing Japanese Real Properties

Do you think that you want to buy Real Properties in Japan as a part of asset investments? For such demands, Z’xent Pro provides a series of services for the acquisition of Real Properties. In Japan, two big cities are … Continue reading

May featured business affairs

1. Accounting(The issuance of Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition) On March 30, 2018, the Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ) issued the following accounting standard and implementation guidance: ・ASBJ Statement No. 29 Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition. ・ASBJ Guidance No. 30 … Continue reading