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Key Business Industries in Japan Today

In every country, there are certain businesses that really stand out among the rest. Depending on several fact … 続きを読む

Celebrating New Year – Uniquely Japanese Way

In most countries, Christmas and Thanksgiving are the most festive and well-celebrated occasions. During these … 続きを読む

January featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Toshiba U.S. unit Westinghouse’s impairment loss on goodwill) Toshiba has been unstable because … 続きを読む

Celebrating Christmas in Japan

While Christmas is such a big event to many countries, it is somewhat a normal day for many Japanese. In a usu … 続きを読む

December featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Revenue Recognition) Following the publication of the new revenue recognition IFRS 15, the ASBJ … 続きを読む

Travel Saving Tips for Your Japan Tour Part 2

In the previous article, you already learned some simple yet practical tips for your Japan visit. Here are som … 続きを読む

Travel Saving Tips for Your Japan Tour

Whether you are business man or just a regular office employee, you definitely want save some money when trave … 続きを読む

Enjoy with autumn

Autumnal tints season has come. In a word “Autumnal tints”, there are various cases and situations … 続きを読む

Will next FOMC reveal world economic direction?

A 0% real equilibrium fed funds rate is significantly lower than the historical average of about 2% over the p … 続きを読む

November Featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Consideration of IFRS NO.15) The ASBJ has been considering aiming at the development of Japanese … 続きを読む