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  • December featured business affairs

    December featured business affairs

    1. Accounting The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has published its to-do list for the next five years. The IASB published the conclusions from its recent agenda consultation and its five-year work plan. By listening to the feedback from stakeholders, it confirmed ...

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  • Touchstones of coming year

    Touchstones of coming year

    Amid all the gloom for Japan’s biggest banks - negative interest rates on reserves, waning brokerage income and fragile business confidence - there is some cause for cheer. Donald Trump’s election victory has driven up bond yields in the U.S. and ...

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  • Japanese Bull market hit 8 days consquently high

    Japanese Bull market hit 8 days consquently high

    Shares in Tokyo climbed into a bull market, as a sustained pullback in the yen against the dollar helped investors regain confidence in equity returns for export-reliant Japan. The Nikkei 225 Stock Average advanced on Friday, bringing its gain from a ...

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  • President Duterte’s Visit to Prime Minister Abe

    President Duterte's Visit to Prime Minister Abe

    Few months after Duterte became the new president of the Philippines, he paid a visit to Japan meeting Prime Minister Abe for the first time. His visit focused on specific aspects such as defense cooperation, economic and the socio-political ...

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  • FRB assume to federal interest hike at December 2016.

    FRB assume to federal interest hike at December 2016.

    In November 17 2016, Janette Yellen, FRB chairman testimony at before joint economic committee in Washington DC. In her testimony: The U.S. economy has made further progress this year toward the Federal Reserve's dual-mandate objectives of maximum employment and price ...

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  • November featured business affairs

    November featured business affairs

    1. Accounting(Revision to Practical Issues Task Force No. 18) The Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ) is deliberating the revision of the revised Practical Issues Task Force (PITF) No. 18 Practical Solution on Accounting for Unification of Accounting Policies Applied to Foreign ...

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  • Secure Transactions

    Secure Transactions

    Many people don’t understand how fraudulent charges range from as little as $7.19 from some odd electronics store to $655.38 at some store in Russia while you reside in North America. We tend to think that this may have happened ...

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  • PPAP – The Shortest Song in the Billboard Hot 100

    PPAP - The Shortest Song in the Billboard Hot 100

    As long as you know YouTube and browse the internet, you may have probably encountered the PPAP song, also known as the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song. It has recently stormed the cyber world and even became part of the Billboard Hot ...

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  • VR systems bring you a new world !?

    VR systems bring you a new world !?

    The word “Excellent” is using often in this society and VR (Virtual Reality) is the one which should have that honor. Last week, PSVR (Play Station Virtual Reality system) had lunched. Until you have tried by yourself, you cannot understand ...

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  • Jobs You Can Do at the Comfort of Your Home

    Jobs You Can Do at the Comfort of Your Home

    Japan is just one of the first-world countries enjoying a stable and reliable internet connection. Around 80-100mbps is just a normal speed if you are in this country. Given that, there are endless of opportunities online that you can ...

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