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Japan in Becoming More Accommodating to Foreigners

In United States, Canada, Australia and other European countries, migration is commonly and easily done as long as requirements are met and satisfied. In Japan, this idea is not so popular because of their cultural and traditional and practices. In … Continue reading

Conditions in Securing an Investor-Manager Visa in Japan

There are several conditions in getting an investor/manager visa and the most important conditions are as follows: 1) Rent an office place. Prepare an office place for your business before filing an application. It is not advisable neither to have … Continue reading

How to Enjoy a “Town Walk” in Tokyo and Osaka

Japan is always considered as one of the best tourist destinations in the world because of its endless sight-seeing spots that visitors can enjoy. Whether you are looking for a traditional or a modernized place, you’ll definitely find one in … Continue reading

May-Featured business affairs

1. Accounting (Accounting practice of“goodwill”) At the 9th technical committee meeting of the“Working Group for Endorsement of IFRSs”and the 283rd Baord meeting by the Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ), ASBJ discussed“amortization of goodwill,” which was listed as one of … Continue reading

Product development and Marketing Volume 1

Excellent products and services produced by a company have the potential to bring huge benefits, but it is indeed very difficult to develop such. In the past 20 years, there are numerous items that range from small items like mobile … Continue reading

Enthusiasm in Learning English

Japanese people have a reputation of not having enough skills in order to speak English fluently. We only get to start learning English from junior high school until we enter the university. Generally speaking, the Japanese educational curriculum puts more … Continue reading

Tokyo’s Recent Improvement – A Future Business Haven

High and middle-rise buildings, spacious shopping malls, towers and business districts are just some of the landmarks that tourists get to enjoy when visiting Tokyo. Regardless if you’re a first-timer or a frequent visitor, you will always be fascinated with … Continue reading

Securing License for Second-hand Dealership

There are times when we receive inquiries about securing license for second-hand dealership in Japan. To address this type of question, we decided to discuss it briefly in this article. If an individual or corporation is interested in online selling … Continue reading

April-Featured business affairs

1. Accounting (a case of impact on IFRS application) The Sosei Group which will voluntarily apply to IFRS from March 2014 has published their trial calculation governed by IFRS about their consolidated performance forecast in FY2014. The current net profit … Continue reading

Japanese Companies’ Increases Overseas Investment

Before the leadership of PM Abe, many Japanese were convinced that their economy was not doing very well. Aside from the decrease of manpower particularly with regular workers, the overseas investments also declined. Generally, there was an economic crisis as … Continue reading