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Prime Minister Abe’s Words – Japan is Coming Back!

It is quite known to Japanese people and to other foreign countries that Japan is going through some economic struggles. Even before the reign of Prime Minister Abe, the government has already been experiencing some challenges and been doing everything … Continue reading

Ebisu Festival

On January 10, I am said to be “a festival of Ebisu” every year and, in Japan, stay in Yoi-Ebisu (宵戎), the next day in Hon-Ebisu (本戎), the day before on this day and do 3rd under the pretense of … Continue reading

New year at Taiwan

I was in Taiwan in this new year and I would like to tell you how different new year between Taiwan and Japan. Official name of Taiwan is “Republic of China” where is in south-west of Okinawa and nearest subtropical … Continue reading

New Year Events

There are various original customs and events in Japan as well as other countries and the year-end and New Year event played role that, in particular, it was important for a long time during one year. For example, the general … Continue reading

Guinness World records official recognition Christmas Tree is in USJ!!

328,049 number of the illuminations of the LED light in the artificial expression Christmas tree which it was called “the Christmas tree which emitted the world’s best light”, and reproduced a fir tree or a pine! It updated a record … Continue reading

Important notice of the new residency management system

According to immigration law was changed at July.09.2012, we had new residency management system Following four items become the important point by this law revision. 1. Grant of the residence card. 2. A residence period for up to five years. … Continue reading

How to invest in real estate in Japan

It, in spite of recession, seems new projects of condominium buildings have been launching for these years. High-rise condominiums are rather popular because people prefer to live in a big city which provides them very convenient life-style, such as enjoying … Continue reading

Tax return for Foreign Companies

The foreign company has a duty to pay corporate tax if the company has a domestic income source from investing domestic real estate or running a company inside Japan. A taxation method, the tax rate are determined by such as … Continue reading

The first LCC Terminal is opened in KIX

The first LCC (Low Cost Carrier) termini in Japan l held at Kansai air international port (aka.”KIX”). Commonly, airfare included rental fee of check-in counter which paid for an airport management companies, a fuel expenses, and a boarding bridge rent. … Continue reading

Permanent Residents Visa

The status of residence “Permanent Resident” provides much more advantageous treatments than other statuses of residence because it does not limit the status holder’s activities or period of stay. The status of permanent residence is granted when certain conditions have … Continue reading