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$182 Billion Package – Approved by PM Abe to Fight Deflation

Recently, the cabinet members of PM Abe came to a consensus to approve a big package amounting to 18.6 trillion yen. This money will be used to improve the country’s economy, which is still suffering from deflation. With this amount, … Continue reading

Radioactive Fuel Rods at Fukushima to be Removed

Since the nuclear disaster that happened in 2011, the Japanese government has been doing various efforts in order to eliminate the risks completely. After the destructive and traumatic day on the lives of many, a few workers remained despite having … Continue reading


In some countries, there is a custom for companies to give “bonuses” or 13-month pay to their employees before the year ends. This is given in monetary form as a way of showing gratitude for the hard work done all … Continue reading

Foreign Monetary Policy – Strongly Affecting Japan’s Economy

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserved Bank recently said that the Federal will maintain ultra-easy U.S. monetary policy for as long as it’s needed. Moreover, it will only start to decrease bond buying once they got an assurance regarding … Continue reading

Snow Crab Season Officially Started in Japan

One of the reasons why Japanese cuisine is very popular all over the world is because of the fine ingredients used on every dish. Tempura, being one of the most popular dishes in Japan is made from shrimps, which is … Continue reading

Consigned Freight Forwarding Business Act

Recently, we often get inquiries about the Consigned Freight Forwarding Business Act that usually comes from clients. To address these inquiries officially, we would like to explain the provisions and meaning of this act. First of all, Consigned freight forwarding … Continue reading

Solar Energy – Japan’s Alternative Power Source

After the destructive earthquake in Japan last 2011, the scarcity of power supply became one of the major problems of the Japanese government. In order to resolve this, it started a renewable energy system in July of 2012. In fact, … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Japan’s Policies on SMEs

In a normal business set-up, SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) outnumber multinational companies. In fact, not all big companies started big right away. Instead, they started out as SMEs and just worked they way up. In Japan, even big automobile … Continue reading

Social Security Benefits Available to Foreigner Workers in Japan

Currently in the United States, there’s an issue about Obamacare and this has caused a great impact on the American government. Due to opposing beliefs, there was a partial shutdown that affected so many people. On the other hand, Japan … Continue reading

Great Eats in Japan – A Guide for First Timers

Normally, Japan is known for its Cherry Blossom season that happens annually. Moreover, the country is endowed with breath taking tourist destinations that every visitor will definitely enjoy. Aside from this, Japan is also becoming a culinary spot in Asia. … Continue reading