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Japan to Host the 2020 Olympics

Just this week end, the announcement regarding the next host country for 2020 Olympics has been made. Known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan will definitely rise in 2020. As early as now, Japanese people are showing their … Continue reading

Perfect Time to Start a Business in Japan

Stable currency and economic status are two important considerations to make when establishing a business abroad. For this reason, most international companies use $ US dollar for their payments. In the financial market, there is a highly interesting topic that … Continue reading

Summer Getaway: Japanese Destinations for All Ages

Normally, Japan is known for its Cherry Blossoms season that starts from the 2nd week of March. In fact, this is one of the reasons why foreign nationals always look forward to a Japanese adventure. However, this is enjoyed mostly … Continue reading

O-Bon Festival: A Common Japanese Holiday

Japan has several national holidays to celebrate every year and Obon festival is just one. “Obon, from the phrase “the Bon festival”, refers to a series of events done to worship the souls of Japanese ancestors held around the 15th … Continue reading

Real Estate Investment in Japan – Should You Go For It?

Recently, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries about buying real estate properties in Japan. In fact, real estate has no regulations for foreign companies and individuals Japan. Basically, there are two parties present in every real estate deal. … Continue reading

Tourists Visiting Japan Hit an All-Time Record

Last July 24, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) confirmed the numbers of tourists who visited the country during the first quarter (January-March) of the year 2013. The number of foreigners who visited during these months exceeded the expected results … Continue reading

Point-Based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

Overview of the Policy The point-based system that provides highly-skilled foreign professionals with preferential immigration treatment will soon start. This policy is introduced in order to encourage applications of highly-skilled foreign nationals with advanced abilities and outstanding talents. However, these … Continue reading

Japanese Relaxation: a Visit to Famous Hot Springs

Japanese people are known for being workaholic and hardworking. In fact, the working age of Japan starts at 15 years old and this proves how Japanese people value work, yet sometimes neglect to relax. For most Japanese people, holidays are … Continue reading

Mt Fuji Recently Included in the Cultural Heritage Sites List

Just recently, UNESCO decided to add Mt. Fuji in its prestigious list of world cultural sites. This decision was made by the 21-member committee of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization during its 37th meeting that was held in … Continue reading

Japan’s Manufacturing Business – Now Showing Growth

For the past few years, economy is not doing so well for Japan. Even the top industries like manufacturing were badly hurt. However, reports from the recent quarter proven otherwise. After a period of more or less two years, the … Continue reading