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Trend of the visit to Japan foreigner in Japan

Although it was not reached in a standard of 2010 when it reached a record high with 8,360,000, the number of foreign people visit to Japan of 2012 announced by the Japanese Government sightseeing station (JNTO) largely improves it from … Continue reading

Weak yen lead new comer

After ex-government retreat, it has influence various for Japanese economy. Value declines in against-U.S dollar more than approximately 20 yen in this a half year, and, in the currency in particular, the environment that it is easy to invest in … Continue reading

Japan’s Abenomics Strategy – Is it an Economic Rescue?

Just December of 2012, a general election was held in Japan that gave a majority vote in favor of the Liberal Democratic Party. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe brought home the victory after winning more seats than what people had expected. … Continue reading

Feedback from clients

We are pleased to introduce feedback from our clients who took an investor visa with our service last year. As for British Mr. Andy resident in Japan, the investor visa acquisition is asked Z’xent pro for last year and acquired … Continue reading

Getting Started With Your Business

When starting any business, there are several tasks that need to be accomplished first. Whether you are establishing it in Japan or overseas, these tasks should be fulfilled in order to have a smooth operation. If you in Japan and … Continue reading

Foreign Company Invested in Osaka

Just recently, a Danish retail store decided to expand its business in the Asian region and chose Japan among several countries. Tiger, which is now available in 18 countries worldwide, started in Denmark and managed to add branches in several … Continue reading

Two seals necessary to start business in Japan

As a thing for the signatures, a seal plays an important role at the time of a contract in Japan. Furthermore, in the company establishment procedure, the seal plays an important role. In the case of the company establishment, a … Continue reading

Which do you like better, Cherry? or Plum?

During spring time, it is very common for Japanese people to look for Cherry blossoms or Sakura in the local dialect. While the Cherry tree’s popularity remains, there is also a certain level of enjoyment coming from Plum blossoms, Japanese … Continue reading

No local taxes at SEZ in Osaka

About the Kansai innovation international strategy synthesis special ward where an industry-university co-operation official of Kansai cooperated with 3 prefectures (Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo) and 3 ordinance-designated cities (Kyoto-shi, Osaka day, Kobe-shi) of Kansai and pushed it forward, approximately one year … Continue reading

Time to ¥EN

It is passed 2 month after we have new policy maker. During these 2 month, average stock market price raised up over 30% and foreign currency exchange on US$/JP¥ 15% down. We consider there are miscellaneous way of view on … Continue reading