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Japan as an Asian Business Center

To attract more foreign investments is one of Japan’s goals under the leadership of Prime Minister Abe. It has been known to many Japanese people that the country’s economy is trying to get back, so attracting foreign investors is one … Continue reading

How to Prove Your Financial Capacity

Recently, we have posted an article about the stricter guidelines and requirements when opening a bank account in Japan for business purposes. The new policy can be viewed under the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceed Renewals. In … Continue reading

Tokyo Sky Tree

The newest land mark in Tokyo has already celebrated its first year last May 22. Being the highest stand-alone communication tower in the world with 634 meters in height, Sky Tree is also the highest building in Japan which took … Continue reading

Opening a Bank Account is Now Stricter

When starting a business in Japan, a bank account is one of the essential requirements that need to be met. However, this task was made challenging recently. Starting April of this year, the government of Japan implemented some revisions on … Continue reading

Visa Statistics for 2012

On May 13, 2013, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the total number for visa petitions processed for 2012. The government confirmed that more than 1.98 million cases of visa applications were processed for the year. Fortunately, there was an … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of a Weak Yen

After the former Prime Minister Noda dissolved the assembly, the Japanese yen has gotten weaker for over 25% since then. For most people, it is very common not to completely understand the effects of a weak currency. In Japan, having … Continue reading

Grand Front Osaka Open in April 2013

As of April 26, 2013, Osaka has new city complex area named “ Grand Front Osaka”. Grand Front Osaka is part of Umekita District, which is considered as a prime location for commercial establishments situated in the western part of … Continue reading

Taxation for non Japanese as Applied on Salary and Stock Dividends

One of the frequent questions being asked is, “What kind of taxation applies to salary and stock dividends?” In fact, there is no difference as to the law applied between a Japanese and a foreign worker under the Japanese taxation … Continue reading

Trend of the visit to Japan foreigner in Japan

Although it was not reached in a standard of 2010 when it reached a record high with 8,360,000, the number of foreign people visit to Japan of 2012 announced by the Japanese Government sightseeing station (JNTO) largely improves it from … Continue reading

Weak yen lead new comer

After ex-government retreat, it has influence various for Japanese economy. Value declines in against-U.S dollar more than approximately 20 yen in this a half year, and, in the currency in particular, the environment that it is easy to invest in … Continue reading