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Point-Based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

Overview of the Policy The point-based system that provides highly-skilled foreign professionals with preferential immigration treatment will soon start. This policy is introduced in order to encourage applications of highly-skilled foreign nationals with advanced abilities and outstanding talents. However, these … Continue reading

Japanese Relaxation: a Visit to Famous Hot Springs

Japanese people are known for being workaholic and hardworking. In fact, the working age of Japan starts at 15 years old and this proves how Japanese people value work, yet sometimes neglect to relax. For most Japanese people, holidays are … Continue reading

Mt Fuji Recently Included in the Cultural Heritage Sites List

Just recently, UNESCO decided to add Mt. Fuji in its prestigious list of world cultural sites. This decision was made by the 21-member committee of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization during its 37th meeting that was held in … Continue reading

Japan’s Manufacturing Business – Now Showing Growth

For the past few years, economy is not doing so well for Japan. Even the top industries like manufacturing were badly hurt. However, reports from the recent quarter proven otherwise. After a period of more or less two years, the … Continue reading

Securing an Intra-Company Transferee Visa

Many applicants often ask if an intra-company transferee visa is easier to get than the investor visa in Japan. Basically, the “intra-company transferee visa” is for employees, who need to transfer to a subsidiary or a branch office that is … Continue reading

Filing of Visa Renewal – Extension to be Granted

A few years ago, revisions were made in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognitions Act and this allowed applicants to get an extension for their stay in Japan. This act favors foreign nationals, who have already filed a renewal of … Continue reading

Japan’s Next Step: Invitation Strategy to Foreign Firms

One of the economic strategies included in the three arrows of Abenomics is to encourage foreign firms of both public and private sectors to invest in Japan. This was announced by Prime Minister Abe recently and he called it the … Continue reading

Japan as an Asian Business Center

To attract more foreign investments is one of Japan’s goals under the leadership of Prime Minister Abe. It has been known to many Japanese people that the country’s economy is trying to get back, so attracting foreign investors is one … Continue reading

How to Prove Your Financial Capacity

Recently, we have posted an article about the stricter guidelines and requirements when opening a bank account in Japan for business purposes. The new policy can be viewed under the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceed Renewals. In … Continue reading

Tokyo Sky Tree

The newest land mark in Tokyo has already celebrated its first year last May 22. Being the highest stand-alone communication tower in the world with 634 meters in height, Sky Tree is also the highest building in Japan which took … Continue reading