Plans under consideration regarding taxes

Last week the chairman of a committee that is responsible for examining the tax situation in Japan said that t … 続きを読む

New Subsidy Available: ¥200K for Travel Companies

In order to try and increase the number of foreign tourists to Japan, the Kyoto Prefecture government introduc … 続きを読む

Top 3 Kansai Industries to Rise Above 22 Trillion Yen

The Kansai Economic Federation and the Kansai Institute for Social and Economic Research announced on the 25th … 続きを読む

New Business Incentives in Kobe

The city of Kobe along with Hyogo Prefecture are recently encouraging foreign companies to expand into the are … 続きを読む

New Japanese Multi-Visa for Chinese a Success

As we posted in June, the Japanese government has recently started issuing new “mult-visas” for Ch … 続きを読む

Incentive Update: Sakai City, Osaka

Sakai City in Osaka prefecture has offered this year subsidy support for businesses that open in certain areas … 続きを読む

Types of Companies in Japan

This page has been moved to the following URL. You will be redirected to the new page in 5 seconds. Things you … 続きを読む

Japan firms set record in foreign M&A

The Asahi Shimbun reports that Japanese companies merged or acquired a record number of foreign companies in 2 … 続きを読む

Setting up an office in Osaka

Setting up an office before officially opening your business is an important step that many entrepreneurs choo … 続きを読む

50 free Japanese lessons in 17 languages

Whether you’re going to be in Japan for the long term or even just a few days business trip, it’s … 続きを読む