Office circumstances in Japan

First of all, you need to rent an office for applying investor visa. In the requirements of the visa, it is ne … 続きを読む

Effective Tax Rate

While you ran it, you have heard word of “effective rate of tax”. It is to say that Japanese effective tax rat … 続きを読む

About Seal Impression Registration

The seal substitutes for the signature which is called “判子(Hanko)” in Japan. There are Two differe … 続きを読む

Investor Visa Process

Following processes are until you can get an investor visa. ・Rent an office which register for your business Y … 続きを読む

Temporary Officer Program

First of all, you prepare to set up your company, you have t order viagra online o arrange a representative wh … 続きを読む

Low Mortality

The Japanese cabinet office announced in 2011 annual financial report that a percentage of going down business … 続きを読む

Open a Corporate bank account in Japan

We sometimes get inquired “want to open a company’s bank account to start a business in Japan” fro … 続きを読む

Subsidy for Solar system installation

The solar-power business is expanding quickly in Japan., helping lift the cloud that has surrounded the indust … 続きを読む

Feedback from Clients

Here we have a voice from our valued clients. Thank you for all your hard work. You really helped me a lot in … 続きを読む