Embodiment of Object-oriented

Voice of our Clients Ondrej CaseGetting an Investment Visa & Establishing a Company Z’xent Pro team was e … 続きを読む

Prime Minister Abe’s Words – Japan is Coming Back!

It is quite known to Japanese people and to other foreign countries that Japan is going through some economic … 続きを読む

Ebisu Festival

On January 10, I am said to be “a festival of Ebisu” every year and, in Japan, stay in Yoi-Ebisu ( … 続きを読む

New Year Events

There are various original customs and events in Japan as well as other countries and the year-end and New Yea … 続きを読む

Guinness World records official recognition Christmas Tree is in USJ!!

328,049 number of the illuminations of the LED light in the artificial expression Christmas tree which it was … 続きを読む

Important notice of the new residency management system

According to immigration law was changed at July.09.2012, we had new residency management system Following fou … 続きを読む

How to invest in real estate in Japan

It, in spite of recession, seems new projects of condominium buildings have been launching for these years. Hi … 続きを読む

Tax return for Foreign Companies

The foreign company has a duty to pay corporate tax if the company has a domestic income source from investing … 続きを読む

The first LCC Terminal is opened in KIX

The first LCC (Low Cost Carrier) termini in Japan l held at Kansai air international port (aka.”KIX&#822 … 続きを読む

Permanent Residents Visa

The status of residence “Permanent Resident” provides much more advantageous treatments than other … 続きを読む