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[Japan] Japanese economy trims 2019 growth forecast to 1.3%

Almost all central bank presidents in major countries said 2019 growth forecast of economy to be slowing down, it seems Japanese economy growth rate gets dull in 2019. In the end of last year’s forecast, which was served as the … Continue reading

February features business affairs

1. Accounting(Trends in accounting standards for financial instruments (Part3)) According to the current Japanese accounting standards, a receivable is required to be reported on the balance sheet with an acquisition cost or amortized cost less an allowance for bad debt. Also, … Continue reading

[Japan] Japans demographic challenge

Although many rich countries have demographic problems, Japan is now perhaps facing the world’s largest demographic challenge. Japan is already a “super-aged nation”, which means that more than 20% of the population is over 60 years old. Japan’s prime minister, … Continue reading

[Japan] Bank of Japan program maintains Japanese economy

Last Wednesday, The Bank of Japan (=BOJ) set down their infration forcast, however remain the stimulus program for maintaining current economy growing up ratio. BOJ governer Haruhiko Kuroda warning of growing risks to the economy from trade protectionism and faltering … Continue reading

[Japan] Niseko, one of the most remarkable city in Japan

As you might have already known, Niseko – a tiny town in Hokkaido – has grown up as one of the most renowned ski reports in the world. It was ranked in the top 10 ski resorts of the world … Continue reading

January featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Trends in accounting standards for financial instruments (Part2)) The ASBJ has undertaken to develop revision (amendments) on the accounting standards for financial instruments. Under current Japanese GAAP, securities that are deemed to have an extremely difficult to grasp market value, … Continue reading

[FTA] Green light for EU`s free trade deal with Japan

Green light for EU`s free trade deal with Japan The EU Parliament approves `world`s largest` free trade agreement with Japan and it is expected to go into force already in February 2019. “Extremely important”, says EU`s trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström … Continue reading

[Japan] Cashless society is expanded in Japan

Japan to Become a Cashless Society? While waiting in a long queue at a supermarket or shopping mall, shoppers still need to move around carrying a heavy basket full of items. As they struggle to put all together what‘s listed … Continue reading

December featured business affairs

1. Accounting(The trend of “Accounting standard for Financial Instruments” (1)) The ASBJ, or Accounting Standards Board of Japan, has started to develop and amend the standard for financial instruments. Under the current Japanese accounting standards, securities (trading securities, held-to-maturity bonds, stocks … Continue reading

Expand Your Business to Japan

Process of Brexit goes slowly but steadily towards its end, whatever the consequences may be. Needless to say, it has already a great and will have more impact not only on UK but also on other countries including Japan. To … Continue reading