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[Japan] Liquidity of Real Estate

A Man’s Mission – Making Real Estate Accessible to Many Hideki Kawakita, also known as “Ali”, is a real estate agent but not the typical ones we know. With his simple and casual looks, he embraces a mission and has … Continue reading

[Japan] May Uber change cab business structure in Japan?

UBER and a Japanese Taxi Company – New Business Partners Uber, one of the famous ride sharing car services just found a business partner in Japan. Fuji Taxi Group, a top taxi company in the country made a deal with … Continue reading

September featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Consideration of the new lease accounting) Accounting Standard Board of Japan (ASBJ) began to develop the lease accounting to ensure the internationally consistent Japanese accounting standards. For the lessee account, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) NO.16 specifies that the assets … Continue reading

[Japan] Which cities are worth to live in Japan.

Two Japanese Cities Among the Top 10 Liveable Cities Japan is known to be a top tourist destination for many. However, not all visitors get to experience how it’s like to live in this country. Aside from the breathtaking views, … Continue reading

[Japan] Real Property Market In Tokyo

Reassessing the Real Property Market in Tokyo Tokyo, being the capital of Japan and a top tourist destination in the world, gives us a clear picture of the real estate market status might be in the city. As the number … Continue reading

August featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Lease Accounting) In the IASB, IFRS 16 “Leases” was released in January 2016, and the Accounting Standards Board of Japan (the “ASBJ”) started to consider how to handle this accounting standard from the perspective of consistency with international standards. In … Continue reading

[Japan] Tokyo Olympic

What 2020 Olympics Contributes to Japan’s Economy When the host country for the 2020 Olympics was awarded to Japan, locals had different reactions. Many were happy and excited, while some felt worried and hesitant. Regardless of the people’s reactions, it … Continue reading

[Immigration] Residence card for foreigners who have been living in Japan

Residence Card for foreigners who reside in Japan When you reside in Japan with a status of residence for a mid-to-long term (over three months), a Residence Card will be issued by the Minister of Justice in Japan. This card … Continue reading

[Travel] Where to Visit When in Japan

Where to Visit When in Japan Japan, being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, offers many beautiful sights to see. Every city in Japan has something to brag about. Regardless if you go the northern, southern … Continue reading

July featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Future Plan for Accounting Standards Currently under Development) In the “Future Plan for Accounting Standards Currently under Development” which was released in May 2018 by the ASBJ, the following themes are taken up as items which are not fixed in … Continue reading