Expand Your Business to Japan

Process of Brexit goes slowly but steadily towards its end, whatever the consequences may be. Needless to say, … 続きを読む

[Japan] Exciting innovations at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

In 1964, Japan prepared Tokyo for the Olympics by filling the old canals, building highways in the air and lau … 続きを読む

[Japan] Labor market in Japan

Labor Shortage in Japan – Coming to an End? While Japan is known to be one of the most progressive countries i … 続きを読む

November featured business affairs

1. Accounting(CGS Guidelines Amended) The METI, or Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, amended the “Pract … 続きを読む

[Registration]Certificate of Registered Matters for Real Properties

Certification of all present matters When you own real properties in Japan, the matters concerning the ownersh … 続きを読む

[Japan] Recent developments in cyber security in Japan

Recent developments in cyber security in Japan On October 1st, a private sector exchange of big data went live … 続きを読む

[Invest] Two Giant Companies Having a New Business Venture

Two Giant Companies Having a New Business Venture Recently, two of the top companies in Japan have came up wit … 続きを読む

October featured business affairs

1. Accounting(Development of New Accounting Standard for Financial Instrument) In order to make Japanese accou … 続きを読む

[Japan] Liquidity of Real Estate

A Man’s Mission – Making Real Estate Accessible to Many Hideki Kawakita, also known as “Ali”, is a real … 続きを読む

[Japan] May Uber change cab business structure in Japan?

UBER and a Japanese Taxi Company – New Business Partners Uber, one of the famous ride sharing car servic … 続きを読む