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Status update on 2011 Japanese Tax Reform Bill

Consideration for the 2011 Tax Reform Bill has currently been put on hold in the Lower House for the time being. The bill would lower the effective tax rate for corporations, and among the changes, reduce the limit on carry-over … Continue reading

Current tourism situation in Japan

Currently because of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami in eastern Japan, tourism from overseas visitors has been decreasing. However, looking at 2010, data released by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) shows that foreign tourism increased 27% compared … Continue reading

FAQ update: What are the advantages of opening a subsidy? What are the advantages of opening a branch?

Today updated our FAQ with a new question: Q20. What are the advantages of opening a subsidy? What are the advantages of opening a branch? A20. When expanding your business to Japan, you must decide whether you will create a … Continue reading

Businesses Shift to Kansai

There is a legendary and friendly rivalry between Osaka and Tokyo, but when disasters strike such as the recent earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan, the whole country comes together.  The generous donations coming in from all over Japan around … Continue reading

Osaka Mayor’s message to people all over the world

5/2/2011Dear Friends of the World,One month has passed since the Tohoku and Kanto Regions were hit by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and tsunami. The number of dead and missing is more than 27,000, making this the worst disaster for … Continue reading

Worried about under-information, having no contacts, or having no human resources in Japan?

When you start business in Japan, you might be worried about the things above. Of course, these elements are very important even for Japanese who want to start a business. In this technological age we live in where information can … Continue reading

Are there subsidies that foreign companies can receive?

The Japanese government has announced that it has created policies to provide incentives such as locational subsidies and tax-deductions. Also, local prefecture governments have also prepared their own incentive plans such as subsidy money, low-interest financing, preferential tax treatment, rent-free … Continue reading

What exactly does small-medium businesses mean? (small-medium business preferential tax system)

Under Japanese tax code, small-medium sized businesses are defined as “companies with equity of 100 million yen or under”. Under this definition 99% of all companies in Japan are considered small-medium sized. Small-medium sized businesses in Japan receive various preferential … Continue reading

Locations featured in Osaka

・Umeda Umeda is the biggest economy in western Japan, and also the second biggest in Japan. It is the commercial area with home to many companies and department stores. Transportation networks are in good conditions, and you can go to … Continue reading

Are Japanese business manners difficult? (part 1)

In Japanese business manners, thoughtfulness toward the other person is extremely important. Foreign business men and women sometimes are confused about some business manners, but by just showing that you’ve learned at least some of them this can make the … Continue reading