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Setting up an office in Osaka

Setting up an office before officially opening your business is an important step that many entrepreneurs choose to do. While waiting for the proper business licenses, visa documents, and company registration documents to be processed, you need a physically address … Continue reading

50 free Japanese lessons in 17 languages

Whether you’re going to be in Japan for the long term or even just a few days business trip, it’s a good idea to at least remember some vocabulary. If you’re an English speaker you have an advantage in that … Continue reading

Certificate of Registered Matters explained

setTimeout(function(){ window.location.href = ‘′; }, 5*1000); This page has been moved to the following URL. You will be redirected to the new page in 5 seconds. Certificate of Registered Matters for Companies

Japan ranked word’s kindest country by Singapore NGO survey

The Singapore Kindness Movement, an NPO officially recognized by the Singapore government, this month announced the results of a survey they conducted ranking what countries and regions are the kindest. Japan received an overwhelming number of votes for kindest country … Continue reading

Japanese quake opens the door to private partnerships

Fresh opportunities for Australian builders, project managers and financiers may emerge in Japan with the cash-strapped government successfully changing contracting laws to allow a big expansion of public-private partnerships. The Australian version of The Wall Street Journal had an interesting … Continue reading

How to Create Your Own Japanese Postage Stamp

Although email and other communication through the internet has made mailing physical letters less common, there are still times when it is unavoidable or just better suited for the situation. To offset the drastic decrease in revenue, many governments are … Continue reading

Update on Tax Reform Bill

Z’xent Pro has been watching the discussions in the National Diet closely, especially those concerning the new tax reform bill that was proposed last yet. The bill was scheduled to take effect in April of this year for the fiscal … Continue reading

Word’s Fastest Supercomputer to be Built in Kobe

Last week it was announced at the annual International Supercomputing conference in Hamberg that the “Kei” supercomputer being built in Kobe will be the worlds fastest when it is finished. The computer is being jointly developed by Fujitsu and RIKEN. … Continue reading

Japan Announces New Visa for Chinese Visitors

Last week the Japanese government announced it will from July 1st this year start issuing tourist multi-visas that can be used multiple times by individual tourists from China. The mult-visa is aimed at wealthier Chinese citizens above a certain income … Continue reading

Japanese Cool Biz in Full Swing

Those of you familiar with business culture in Japan might have come across the phrase “cool biz”. What does this English-ish phrase mean exactly? Wikipedia has a good article explaining the meaning: cool biz is a campaign to “help reduce … Continue reading